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Everything you need to know about betting in basketball

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Basketball is one of the most popular sports in the world. Now, it has reached all parts of the world and has become one of the most loved and followed physical activities by sports enthusiasts. It also gave way to a new source of entertainment in the form of bitcoin basketball betting.

So, if you’re curious to know more about the sport and how you can enjoy it in bitcoin basketball betting events, here’s a quick guide on everything you need to learn about the sport and its betting mechanics. 

What is basketball betting?

For sports betting enthusiasts, one of the most exciting things about the sport is its bitcoin basketball odds that gamblers can stake on. In a nutshell, basketball betting is placing a wager on any outcome in a match. 

From players to game results, there are numerous ways you can bet on basketball leagues and events. Before getting into the thrill of watching and winning in bitcoin basketball betting, here are some of the most common Sportsbet basketball odds to consider: 

Main bets

There are various main bets you can make on your favourite basketball team or players. These bets are next 24 hours, in-play, outright betting, and future matches:

Next 24 hrs
You can now place a wager and receive instant payouts by wagering on a match scheduled for the next 24 hours here at Sportsbet.
You can wager with the sports match you want while the game is ongoing. The odds in in-play betting change real-time too.
Outright betting
You can bet outright before the league starts if you already have an idea on the actual team that will win the entire tournament.
Future matches
Bet in advance using the future matches and just wait til the match you bet on occurs to know if you won your wager.

Basketball explained

Invented in 1891, basketball is a team sport invented by a Canadian physical education teacher named James Naismith. Two teams with 5 players each compete against each other. It is played in a rectangular court that has baskets affixed to an elevated backboard on each end. 

Basketball’s main objective is to shoot the ball through the hoop of the rival team’s court. The basketball court is divided into two sections with a marking called the mid-court line. Moreover, the hoop is called a basket that has a height of 10 feet above the ground. 

During the game, if the team places the ball into the mid-court line, they only have ten seconds to retrieve the ball back. So, once the player crosses the line, he can never go back. 

In the game, players have to move the ball by either passing or dribbling. The team who has the ball is in the offence while the opposing side is in defence. The goal of the defensive team is to steal the ball, block passes, and get rebounds. 

A basketball game consists of four quarters with a duration of 10 minutes each. Each team will change courts after two quarters. Each period in basketball has a two-minute interval, as well as 15 minutes for halftime. Throughout the progression of the game, the coaches can declare a two-minute timeout.

Basketball time limits 

Here are some of the different basketball time limits you should know about:

24-second rule 

During this time limit, a team will get the ball and they have a 24-second window to shoot. If a team fails to shoot within the given time, the ball will be handed to the other team.

8-second rule 

When a player possesses a ball in their half or backcourt, the team only has 8 seconds to move the ball halfway through the frontcourt. If they fail, the ball will be given to the other team.

5-second rule 

During the 5-second rule, a player guarding the ball has a 5-second window to pass the ball or shoot it through the hoop. If the player gets called by the referee, the ball will be given to the rival team.

3-second rule 

In the 3-second rule, a player can only guard the perimeter in the rival team’s ‘key’ area under the basket for no more than three seconds. The player will receive a penalty if he does not move within the given time window.

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Different types of basketball shots 


As the name suggests, this shot is executed while jumping mid-air. The ball is then released from a high point from the ground. It is often used when the player is trying to score over a player who’s trying to block the ball. 

Lay up 

A lay up happens when a player advances toward the basket and makes it pass through the basket through his fingertips. 

Bank shot 

This type of basketball shot is when the ball gets in contact with the backboard before it passes through the hoop. 


While in mid-air, a player will slam the ball into the basket.

Hook shoot 

A hook shoot happens when a player uses one hand while arcing the ball over the player in defence mode to score. The player delivering the shot should be facing sideways.

Free throw 

A free throw in basketball means that a player will have a free shot from the foul line because the other committed an offence in court. 

Basketball scoring 

Outside the three-point line (3 pts.)

An outside three-point line score in basketball is the highest point that a team can get. It’s when a shot is made from outside the three-point line that is typically 6.75 metres from the centre of the basket. 

Inside the three-point line (2 pts.)

Any successful shot thrown inside the three-point line earns two points. 

Free throw (1 pt.)

If a team gets a technical foul, their opponent can be granted between one to three free shots that are worth one point each. A player can only shoot the ball from the free-throw line.

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Types of basketball infringement 

Basketball has different types of offences that can get the players penalized. Here are some of the most common types of basketball offences you should know about: 

Personal foul 

A personal foul happens when an illegal body contact transpires between players from hand-checking. Once these offences are made by any player, it can result in free throws or losing possession of the ball. 


Blocking is when a defensive player stands in the way to block a player who’s dribbling. To refrain from committing this offence, the player must have a guarding stance. 


Charging happens when an attacking player advances in towards a defender with the ball. 


Holding occurs when a player gets in contact with a player in an attempt to slow down their movement. 

Illegal guarding 

Illegal guarding is called by the referee when a defending player gets in contact with an opponent coming from behind. 


Pushing in basketball takes place when a player pushes someone in the court. This applies even when there’s no ball in hand. 

Illegal hand use 

Illegal hand use is when a player creates contact with an opponent when they are about to release the ball. 

Technical foul 

A technical foul can be received by any player or coach for any aggressive behaviour in the court. Under this foul, offences such as swearing, starting a fight, or arguing with the referee can result as a technical foul. 

Persistent fouling 

A persistent foul is a recurring offence that can lead to a player being ejected from the game. If a player commits five fouls, they will be asked to leave the game or substituted by another player. 


A violation in basketball means that offences such as illegal dribble or shooting the ball outside the time window given can result in a violation. When this occurs, the ball will be given to the other team. 

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Basketball leagues you should know about 

When it comes to bitcoin basketball betting, you should always be on the lookout for the active leagues in their respective seasons. Always be updated with Sportsbet basketball events. Before you start wagering, here are some of the most popular leagues that you can anticipate:

Euro League
The Euro League in basketball is the counterpart of the soccer’s Champion League with the teams opposing each other to be on top. The teams that play in the Euro League typically play in their own countries during the weekends. Usually, the regular season happens from October to April.
Spain’s Liga ACB
The ACB is the basketball counterpart of the La Liga football league. FC Barcelona Bàsquet and Real Madrid are the two major teams that dominate the league. They also follow the relegation and promotion system similar to other leagues outside the NBA.
Turkish Basketball Super League
The Turkish Basketball Super League or also known as the BSL was founded in 1966, however, the league’s first game was played 1904. As one of the major leagues in the country, it received financial support from the government. Anadolu Efes and Fenerbahçe, which both hail from Istanbul, are two of the best teams under this league.
Russia’s VTB United League
The VTB United League is one of the most prestigious leagues in the world. The league’s season runs from October to April. Under this league, clubs from Estonia, Latvia, Kazakhstan and Belarus take part in the playoffs.
Germany’s Basketball Bundesliga
Germany’s BBL is one of the most promising leagues in Germany. It’s a well-funded league that features a line of emergent basketball players in the country. Its season usually runs from September to May.
Lega Basket Serie A
Italy’s Lega Basket Serie A is one of the oldest basketball leagues in Europe. Founded in 1920, this league features some of the best clubs in the country. Each team can have 3 players outside of the European Union and another set of 5, which are Italian players. Usually, the Lega Basket Serie A runs from October to May
France’s LNB Pro A
Also known as the Ligue Nationale de Basket Pro A, this league was founded in 1921 and has the teams with the most wins. Additionally, this league is owned by San Antonio Spurs’ guard, Tony Park. The LNB usually runs from September to May.
Adriatic League
The ABA is the regional league of teams from countries such as Bosnia, Herzegovina, Croatia, Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia and Slovenia. Founded in 2001, it features some of the best basketball players that made it to the NBA such as Dario Saric, Jusuf Nurkic, and Nikola Jokic. Its regular season of this league runs from September to March.
Greek A1 League
The Greek A1 League boasts some of the best basketball teams in the country such as the Olympiajos and Panathinaikos that both play for Athens. These two teams have been rivals for over 20 years and are one of the most-watched basketball teams in Greece.
Australia’s National Basketball League
The NBL was founded in 1979. There are currently 7 teams from Australia and one from New Zealand under this league. Usually, it runs from October to February.
Lithuania’s LKL
It is one of the most revered leagues in the country. Usually, it runs from September to April. With over 3 million basketball fans, the LKL is the most-watched league in Lithuania.
China’s Basketball Association
Formed in 1995, China’s Basketball Association is one of the prominent basketball leagues in Asia. Usually, the league allows 2 foreigner players and 6 native players. The CBA season usually runs from October to February.
National Basketball Association
The NBA or the National Basketball Association is easily the most popular league of the sport in the United States. This league is made up of 30 teams across the state and 1 team from Canada. Founded in 1946 in New York, the NBA has produced some of the most successful basketball luminaries recognized in the world.
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