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Here at Sportsbet, we’re all about giving you the ultimate betting experience. Whether you’re in for the extravagant casino games or the thrill of sports betting, you’ll be having a blast with our wide range of services. 

To make your experience even more enjoyable, we have an assortment of bonuses and promotions available for limited periods of time. Make sure you check our promotions page every now and again so you won’t miss out on these exclusive offers.

Aside from seasonal and limited promotions, we also have a loyalty program based on your betting activities and an exclusive VIP club accessible via invitation only. The more you enjoy our services, the more we will reward you with exciting perks and rewards you won’t find anywhere else. 

Explore the best of sports betting and everything it has to offer when you partake in our bonuses, promotions and programs. Created to bring the best out of your sports betting experience, you’ll surely have a great time not just when it comes to betting on your favourite sports but also in discovering the world of casino games and other sports!

Partnership promotions

We’ve partnered with some of the best sports teams around the world to show our undying support for the industry. Currently, we’re tied with four major global football clubs including Southampton FC in the English Premier League, Watford FC in the Championship, Clube de Regatas do Flamengo in the Campeonato Brasileiro Serie A and Rosario Central in the Superliga Argentina. 

Together with these renowned teams, we want to create a unique experience specifically for the teams’ fan base spread all over the world. Look out for offers you’ll only find here at Sportsbet, like winning a free Arsenal Jersey! Joining these promos is as easy as clicking the Opt-in button and staking at least the minimum bet. 

Each promotion comes with its own set of terms and conditions so you’ll need to check those out for yourself once they come out.. You won’t have to worry about registration and submitting any documents or IDs. We especially make this easy for you so you can play and participate in our promotions without trouble.

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Slots bonuses

Not only sports bettors can enjoy the bonuses we offer here at Sportsbet but casino players also get a slice of the cake with our diverse array of bonuses and promotions for slot and live dealer games. Watch out for Festival Tournaments for specific game providers such as fan-favourite Yggdrasil, Quickspin and Play’n GO. 

During these festivals, you compete against other players on an in-game leaderboard that appears only in selected games under the software company in the promotion. All you need to know about the tournament including the mechanics and the minimum bet can be viewed on its details page.

Give it your best for a chance of winning a share of the pool prize worth over €100,000 by the end of the tournament! The more you win with high wagers, the higher your chances are of ranking up in the leaderboard.

Sports bonuses

The pride of Sportsbet is that we’re always updated on the latest leagues that are about to start. To celebrate the beginning of a new season filled with non-stop sports thrill and action, we often launch bonuses and promotions tied to a specific league or sport. With plenty of tournaments for you to place your bets on, you have plenty of options to choose from so you can get the most out of the seasonal promotions. 

To get you hyped and excited, look out for one of our most sought after promotions, the All-American Super Streak. This combines the NBA, NFL and NHL seasons under one promotion that spans throughout the entire tournament. 

All you need to do to participate in this promo is opt-in and place as many bets as you want on NBA, NFL and NHL matches. You’ll find the additional details on the bonus page including the wager and minimum odds required. 

We aim to ignite your competitive spirit so this promo comes with a leaderboard that you need to climb to win higher and bigger prizes. The longer your winning streak, the higher your rank is on the leaderboard, so do your research, pray lady luck sides with you and bet on the best team for a chance to win over 20 mBTC every week!

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Jack up your bets with these boosts

Boost your odds like never before with these exclusive bet features available only at Sportsbet. With Price Boost, you can maximize your winnings every day. Learn more about the exclusive features below.

Price Boost

You have the option to enhance your winnings with the Price Boost option! Whenever you place a bet on a specific sport or esports title, you can boost it by increasing its price without costing you additional money. 

You can only boost your bet once per title and it resets every 24 hours. So if you already used the Price Boost feature on a football game, you’ll have to wait for the next day before you can use it again. You can check the countdown clock on your account to know when you’ll be able to use the Price Boost feature again. 

However, the great thing about this feature is that you can boost your bet on every sport! For every sport that you place your money on, a countdown timer appears on your account but it’s only limited to the sport you bet on. Following the earlier example, if you placed a bet on a football game and used the Price Boost feature, you won’t be able to use this feature again for the same sport but you can boost your bet on another sport or esport such as League of Legends.

To use the Price Boost feature, you just need to make a bet as usual and click the ‘Price Boost’ button on the bet slip. Input your stake, place a bet and your boost will automatically be credited to your winnings.

Super Boost

If you think the Price Boost is a game-changer, then the Super Boost feature will blow you away. With this feature, you can enhance your bet by 10% and take home a bigger win. This boost is only available for matches featuring our partner teams Arsenal FC or Southampton FC during the EPL and European competitions.

To use the Super Boost feature, you need to pick a match featuring our partner teams. The Super Boost button only becomes available 24 hours before the match so you can check the odds before deciding which team to bet on. Once you’ve made your selection, open the bet slip and click the Super Boost button at the top. 

Get ahead of the game and check the match schedule days before the match begins. Use the Super Boost feature at the right time and you can take home a surmountable amount of winnings!

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The Clubhouse

Once you create an account at Sportsbet, you’re already an exclusive member of The Clubhouse. Accessible and simple, our loyalty program rewards players who enjoy all that we have to offer with exclusive perks and benefits so they can get the most out of their betting experience. 

However, this program is only available to players who use cryptocurrency when playing and betting. So if you’re thinking of joining the crypto craze and buying Bitcoin, there’s no better time than the present. Not only will you be able to enjoy faster and private transactions with crypto but you’ll also gain access to The Clubhouse.

The more you bet and play, the higher and better are the rewards waiting for you. So if you want to explore every nook and cranny of the exclusive Clubhouse, play our best games and bet on your favourite teams again and again!

Benefits of a Clubhouse membership

There are Seven Tiers in The Clubhouse and with every tier you achieve, you unlock a benefit that will then be available for you all the time. If you’re still hesitating, check out these perks that will make you want to sign up and start your membership:

Tiers and rewards
Progress through the 7 Tiers of The Clubhouse to enjoy bigger and better benefits. Once you make it to the top, you’ll have access to unlimited rewards and be able to join promotions without following the minimum wagering requirements.
Better benefits
The more you wager, the more rewards you can win and the more points you receive. You can progress to the next level in no time as long as you keep on playing and betting!
Earn and spend points
When you play slot games, you’ll earn points for every spin whether you land a win or not. Afterwards, you can use these points in the game so you can lengthen your gaming session and play for free.
When you’re a member of The Clubhouse, you’ll receive a percentage of your money back guaranteed with our cashback benefit. The credit you’ll receive varies per deposit and depends on the terms and conditions.
Live dashboard to track your progress
To give you a better idea of how well you’ve been playing and betting, you can view a live dashboard right on your profile so you can track your progress seamlessly. If you continue your winning streaks, you might win rewards!
Personalized rewards
We create a personalized experience for you here at Sportsbet. Once we have a better sense of your gaming and betting activities, you’ll be able to enjoy free bets and rewards that suit your personal taste.

Seven Tiers in The Clubhouse

We encourage a competitive environment here at Sportsbet, so we came up with Seven Tiers that players can aspire to climb for better and bigger rewards. You can progress from one tier to the next by accumulating enough points. Once you reach a new tier, you unlock new rewards and receive higher points.

Take a closer look at The Clubhouse’s Seven Tiers below:


  • Points required to unlock: N/A
  • Points Multiplier: 1x
  • Tier rewards: 0


  • Points required to unlock: 5
  • Points Multiplier: 1x
  • Tier rewards: 1


  • Points required to unlock: 3,750
  • Points Multiplier: 1x
  • Tier rewards: 6


  • Points required to unlock: 30,000
  • Points Multiplier: 1.25x
  • Tier rewards: 12


  • Points required to unlock: 250,000
  • Points Multiplier: 1.5x
  • Tier rewards: 11


  • Points required to unlock: 750,000
  • Points Multiplier: 2x
  • Tier rewards: 12


  • Points required to unlock: 3,750,000
  • Points Multiplier: 3x
  • Tier rewards: ∞

Computing membership points

Now that you know what to look forward to, here’s how you can earn points so you can rank higher on The Clubhouse.

  • Sports points are computed by 15x Valid Stake x Tier points multiplier
  • Casino points are computed by 1 EUR bet = 5 points x Tier points multiplier.
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VIP Club

Exactly as its name suggests, you can experience being a VIP here at Sportsbet. Once you take a seat at the VIP Club, you’ll be able to enjoy a wide range of exclusive perks fit only to our most prestigious customers. 

However, entry to this club is by invitation only. Once we’ve deemed that you fit the criteria as a VIP client, we’ll send you an email so you can skip the line, pass through the red rope and get a first-hand experience of the VIP treatment that’s waiting for you here.

Benefits of a VIP member

Take a peek at the exemplary benefits you can enjoy as a VIP member of Sportsbet:

VIP Manager
You’ll be assigned one of our professional VIP Managers who excel in customer service so you can get personalised attention. Whatever your gaming needs may be, your VIP manager will make sure that you’re satisfied with your experience.
Exclusive invitations to first-class events
We treat our VIP members as the exemplary clients that they are and pamper them with the special attention they deserve. Once you’re invited to join the club, you can attend first-class events such as luxury cruises and dine at 5-star hotels. You’ll also get VIP tickets to tournaments so you can enjoy the sport live.
Special offers and promotions
More rewards are waiting for you at the VIP room. With rebates, frequent leaderboards and free spin bonuses, you won’t run out of perks to enjoy!
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