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Get acquainted with the wide array of new heroes and challenging game mechanics that will keep you on the edge of your seat! Experience a lively and exciting gaming experience as you watch famous teams fight to destroy the enemy Ancient. 

DOTA 2 features two factions named Radiant and Dire where players work together with a team to gain experience and level up in the game. Watch as powerful heroes unleash their abilities that help them trample enemy units, kill creeps and destroy towers. 

With Sportsbet, you can keep up with the best teams that show great potential in winning leagues and tournaments. Follow them in their journey with the latest updates on our site and show them your support by placing your bets! 

Witness the best players team up to devise smart strategies in defeating the enemy and taking home the win. To help you make the best betting strategy and maximize your potential to win, find out everything there is to know about DOTA 2 in the guide below.

Triumph the game with some of the best heroes in DOTA 2

DOTA 2 has 120 heroes wherein 112 came from DOTA Allstars plus 8 new heroes. Each of these heroes fulfils a role during the battle that contributes to the performance of the team. Find out their abilities and items that can boost their power to know which hero to bet your money on.

Beginning at level one, heroes can gain experience and level up by killing enemy units. As the heroes rank up, their attributes and abilities or ‘Talents’ increase as well. Moreover, heroes have a certain attack range or melee that allows them to bring damage to enemies depending on their primary attributes, which may be strength, agility or intelligence.

Here are some of the best heroes in DOTA 2 that you should look out for during matches:


This powerful hero causes damage to the enemy using its chilling Curse of Avernus that slows down the enemy’s movement. For defence, he can create a shield that protects friendly units from harm. In addition, he can heal team members or cause damage to enemies using his deathly mist, although this negatively impacts his health.

Bounty Hunter

This melee agility hero’s main skill is stealth. He can roam freely and sneak up on enemies. His other abilities include hunting, chasing down enemies and killing targets. Once he sets his eyes on a target, it will be difficult to escape as he easily detects the movements and locations of enemies.


This powerful hero brings damage to enemies in the near vicinity when he swings his axe whenever he is attacked.


Undying can transform into a monstrous golem and sap the strength out of his enemies.


Bristleback is difficult to pursue because he takes little damage when attacked from the rear or the side. He releases a quill spray that can cause great damage if cast on the same target several times.


Lich appears as a blue skeletal boy who attacks enemies and defends his teammates using frost. He is a ranged intelligence and support hero and has a powerful Chain Frost that he releases to attack clustered enemies. Additionally, Lick throws snowballs that bounce between enemy units, inflicting great damage, especially if the enemies have not levelled up yet.


This hero can cast a spell that can drain the mana out of an enemy, and a hex that turns them into frogs. Lion can also bring damage to enemies just by pointing his huge finger at them.

Witch Doctor

This ranged intelligence hero has spells and healing abilities that allow him to give one of the most extreme damages in the game if cast in the right conditions.

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Heroes can increase their attributes, abilities and attack modifiers through these items in the game. They can also improve their secondary stats like attack speed, armour, health or mana. These items can be accessed at Shops that are located in the side-lanes, at the base and the Secret Shops. 

Players can also improvise in creating powerful items by combining two weaker items in the inventory. Heroes have 6 slots for storage in their inventory, courier’s inventory or stash where they can store items. There are also 3 extra slots for backup storage where they can store muted items and switch them with the main inventory items. 


Find out the mechanics of DOTA 2’s heroes’ abilities, attributes, experience and spawning to gain a better understanding of the game before placing your bets:


These refer to the skills that units use on the battlefield. Heroes possess one ultimate ability and a minimum of three basic abilities that they acquire with level ups and experience gains. Abilities may be passive, the basic attacks of heroes, or must be activated. Activated abilities have a cooldown period where the hero cannot use the ability until the period is over. 


These attributes increase as the heroes level up. The strength attribute of heroes allows them to regenerate their health after a deadly battle whereas agility improves their attack speed and armour. The intelligence attribute improves the mana and mana regeneration of heroes. 


Heroes gain experience when they kill creeps, enemy heroes and control outposts. Experience is needed so that heroes can level up and unlock more features and attributes.


At the beginning of the game, all heroes spawn once in their base. When heroes die, they respawn or come back to life after a specific period depending on their current level. Upon reaching level 25, they get the maximum respawning time that allows them to immediately transfer to the fountain area with their mana and health reset.

Nighstalker Hero Dota2


Each hero has a unique trait that they can acquire every 5th level, beginning at level 10. The hero is given two bonuses and whichever they choose would give them permanent hero attributes and abilities throughout the match. 


Players that do not look like a hero, building, war or courier are called creeps. These units are not exclusive in a specific faction and can be neutral or controlled by players. Creeps have fixed stats so they cannot gain experience or level up in the game. 

Creeps come in two types: Lane Creeps and Neutral Creeps. Lane Creeps spawn at the Barracks every 30 seconds in a group called the Creep Wave. They attack any enemy unit they encounter such as heroes or buildings. Whenever they are killed, they grant the hero gold and experience, making them an important factor in levelling up. Neutral Creeps can be found in the jungle and are usually not controlled by any player. 


Buildings are units in the game that cannot be controlled by the player. There are 29 Buildings in each faction. Only a few types of spells affect them and once they have been destroyed, they either give out gold to the entire team or to the hero who made the last hit. Buildings do not respawn so once they die they are permanently lost.


Each faction has 11 towers that come in four different tiers called Tier 1, Tier 2, Tier 3 and Tier 4. These have specific locations on the map and serve as the main line of defence. Towers immediately attack enemies that come within its range.


Each entry on the map has a corresponding barracks, and there are a total of 6 barracks in the game. Barracks are buildings that house lane creeps. Each faction has two Barracks for each lane: one for ranged creeps or Ranged Barracks and one for melee creeps or Melee Barracks.  

The team’s tier 3 tower defends these Barracks that remain vulnerable unless the tower is knocked down. Whenever a Barracks is destroyed, the enemy team receives Super Creeps that are stronger than Regular Creeps. 


Destroying the Ancients of an enemy is the main goal in the game. Also referred to as Thrones for Dire’s ancient and Tree for Radiant ancient, these structures are located in the main base of the faction.

Players must destroy the Ancients of the enemy while keeping their own protected. The two-tier 4 towers of the team guard the Ancient that remains vulnerable unless the towers are destroyed. 


These can be found in the bases of both teams and serve as the area where they respawn. Fountains remain indestructible throughout the game and they guard the bases with their rapid high-damaging attacks on enemies that attempt to enter.


Game modes

DOTA 2 gives players the freedom to enjoy the game however they want in these three game modes: Practice, Normal and Ranked mode. 

The Practice mode allows the player to improve their skills by playing against bots in different difficulty levels. The Normal mode is perfect for those who want to play casually without too much pressure while the Ranked mode is highly-competitive. The Ranked mode is used in tournaments, including the ones you can find here at Sportsbet.


Annually different events are held each season where players gather in one venue to level up and show their skills in DOTA 2. During these events, trophies, cosmetic items and special game modes are given to players for their participation in the event. Here the following DOTA 2 events you should look into to know when and where you can bet on DOTA matches:

Annual events

  • New Bloom events are held around Chinese New Year
  • Diretide events are held around Halloween
  • Frostivirus events are held around Christmas.

Season Pass events

  • The International Battle Pass of Summer 2020
  • The International Battle Pass of Summer 2019
  • The International Battle Pass of Summer 2018
  • The Winter 2017 Battle Pass includes the 2017 Kiev Major Compendium
  • The International Battle Pass of Summer 2017
  • The Winter 2016 Battle Pass includes the 2016 Shanghai Major Compendium
  • The  International Battle Pass of Summer 2016 includes the International Compendium
  • The Fall 2016 Battle Pass includes the 2016 Boston Major Compendium.

Special events

  • Aghanim’s Labyrinth 2020
  • Wrath of the Mo’rokai 2019
  • The Underhollow 2018
  • Siltbreaker 2017
  • Dark Moon 2017
  • Nemesis Assassin 2014.

Bet on DOTA 2 during these leagues at Sportsbet

Stay on track with these DOTA 2 Leagues and see which teams will go home victorious:

  • DOTA Pit DOTA2
  • Dreamhack DOTA2
  • Perfect World DOTA2
  • ESL DOTA2.

Place your bets here at Sportsbet

Show your support for your preferred DOTA teams and players! Watch them annihilate the enemy line and place your bets here at Sportsbet. Here are the different types of betting you can include in your strategy to maximize your potential to win:

In-play betting allows you to place your bets during the match. You can base your wager on the team that shows the best chances of winning as the game progresses.
Next 24 hours
This type of betting lets bettors place their wager for matches set to occur the next day. Bettors can look forward to their payout in this betting since they can immediately receive their payouts once their team has won.
Outright betting
Outright betting allows you to bet on your favourite teams in a tournament instead of a single match. This is the best form of betting if you wish to support your favoured team but do not have the time to stay up-to-date with every match.
Future matches
In this type of betting, the teams that play against each other are already determined even though the match is still not in season. This way, bettors can make a wager on which team they think are the most likely to win based on previous matches and rankings.
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