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During an interview, the producer of Riot Games, Jeff Jew, admitted that the League of Legends game ‘sucked for a long time’ and that no one wanted to play it because it was so bad. Now, 10 years later, the League of Legends or popularly known as ‘LOL’ is one of the most popular games played across the globe. 

Similar to DOTA, the League of Legends: Clash of Fates is a multiplayer online game developed by Riot Games. The game’s initial release was supposed to be in 2008, but was moved in 2009. 

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League of Legend: Enter a realm of magic 

In essence, League of Legends is a MOBA or a Multiplayer Online Battle Arena where multiple people can join and create a strategy to meet the objectives of the game. There are two teams who will participate, each group will have five 5 members with the goal to collapse the Nexus of the rival. The first team who will destroy the Nexus will be declared the winner. 

Before the teams achieve their goal, the road is paved with obstacles and trials that they need to overcome. First, the players must navigate the map called ‘Summoner’s Rift’ where Towers and Inhibitors must be demolished. Along the way, you also need to battle champions and their minions. 

Additionally, team members must also guard their base from their opponents as they battle and deliver attacks to the opponent’s base. The blue team is located on the lower part of the map while the Red team is on the upper right part of the rift. Each team’s Nexus is located at the back of their building. 

The Nexus in the game is guarded by two monolith pillars called Turrets. These two columns support the Nexus and protect it from any attack. Additionally, any enemy within the range will be attacked by the turrets. For you to be able to collapse the rival team’s Nexus, you must destroy these two structures. 

Throughout the rift, you will encounter three lanes that extend out to each end of the bases which are top, bottom, and mid lane. In the area where these lanes meet, you will find another turret that sentries another building called the Inhibitor. 

Also known as the Inhib Turret, this structure must be destroyed before the other turrets can be damaged by the other team.  

As you explore the rift further, you will encounter elemental sprites that will give you buffs to increase your boost. You can receive buffs, gold, and experience once you slaughter a monster. 

The level of power and buff you can gain depends on the strength of the creature you take down. If you kill a strong monster, the higher the reward and power you will receive. You can increase your character’s abilities by killing monsters, dragons, and other elementals in the forest.

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League of Legends: Learn the gameplay 

  • First, you need to create an account and login in the game so you can be identified inside the Summoner’s Rift. Players have the option to play with friends or with other strangers in the game. 
  • There will be two teams who will participate featuring 5 members each. Once the players are settled, they will select a character to represent them in the game; they can select from the 138 heroes available. 
  • Once the players have chosen a champion to represent them, all the characters will appear at the glowing fountain where the heroes can purchase items for their inventory and increase their mana. In the same fountain, you will find the Nexus and the minions. The minions in the game are AI-controlled and are designed to aid heroes as they traverse the rift to defeat the enemy. Similarly, the other team also has their own set of minions and heroes that you will seek to destroy in order to gain gold and increase hero experience. 
  • The initial part of the game is called the ‘Laning Phase’. During this round, the objective of the players is to increase their champion’s skill set and gold by attacking the enemy’s barracks. It’s the level where heroes can prepare and strengthen their powers before they take on the menacing turrets. 
  • Once the three turrets in a lane have been collapsed, players will have to destroy two more in order to move forward to the inhibitors. These inhibitors must be dismantled in order to get near the Nexus. If a team manages to destroy the turrets and the Nexus, they will be declared the winner!
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The Summoner’s Rift: Plunge into a world of magic

The virtual battle happens inside the magical land called the Summoner’s Rift. Inside this labyrinth of magic, you will find different lanes and plots where the champions can navigate the landscape.  

Top, mid and bottom lanes 

These three lanes stretch out all the way to the team’s bases. When choosing a champion, the game will suggest lanes that will show you the characters the manifest in those areas. For example, fighters and tanks usually appear on the top lane while characters such as spellcasters often lurk in the jungle or the mid lane. 


The jungle in League of Legends is the place where you can find all sorts of beasts and creatures. In this area, there’s a piece of land where the two teams can find gold and gathering experience. 


The river is what separates the two bases. In this zone, players will find neutral creatures such as the scuttle crab that can increase a champion’s speed boost once annihilated. 

Rise above with the League of Legends champions

Aside from the complex gameplay that will take you to an immersive virtual battlefield, League of Legends also features over 140 characters you can choose from. Here are some of them:

Ahri Kda Skin


With roots that can be traced back to the Runeterra, Ahri is a mage with the power to metamorphose into different shapes using her orb that emits raw energy. Her abilities include manipulating energy and sucking the life essence of her enemies. While she has predatory tendencies, Ahri still has a compassionate side that can be triggered every time she consumes the soul of her victims. 


  • Essence theft – When Ahri hits 9 enemies using this ability, she can heal from her attacks. 
  • Orb of Deception – Ahri can inflict damage using her orb of deception. 
  • Fox fire – Once she unleashes this ability, Ahri will gain momentum and increase her speed and unleash three fox fires that can inflict damage to enemies within attacking range. 
  • Charm – Ahri is a sultry fox woman that can inflict damage to her enemies by blowing them a kiss. Once she does, her adversaries will be stunned and decrease their threat. 
  • Spirit rush – Ahri will fire a series of shots that can inflict massive damage to nearby enemies. She can conjure this attack three times before it cools down. 

Aurelion Sol

Aurelion is a dragon-like creature who used to reign supreme in the vast cosmos. However, his time in power was cut short due to the empire that tricked him into becoming a servant. Now, he wants to reclaim what’s rightfully his by dragging all the stars in space to destroy the shackles that bind him to slavery. 


  • Center of the universe – Three balls of fire will encircle Aurelion Sol and inflict damage towards enemies within attack range. 
  • Star-surge – Aurelion can conjure an expanding disk that stretches out to reach enemies within range. Once triggered, this disk can explode to stun enemies and inflict damage. 
  • Celestial Expansion – Once this ability is active, Aurelion will push the stars farther out to increase the damage he can inflict on his enemies. 
  • Comet of Legend – Aurelion will glide through the forest. 
  • Voice of Light – Aurelion will unleash a flurry of starfire that can inflict massive damage to his enemies within range.
Diana Lol Banner


Diana glides through the skies clutching her crescent moon blade. As a warrior born to the Lunari clan, she wears the glimmering armour that cuts through the midnight sky. She represents the power of the moon and the night. 


  • Moonsilver blade – The moonsilver blade is Diana’s main weapon. If an enemy is nearby, she can cut through them and inflict damage. She will then cast a spell to hold her prey and attack at a speed of lightning as a final blow. 
  • Crescent strike – Once Diana unleashes the crescent moon, she will release a lunar energy that will inflict damage to enemies within rage. 
  • Pale cascade – Diana will conjure a ball of energy that will orbit around as she moves forward to attack her enemies. She can generate a temporary shield that absorbs the energy of her rival’s attacks. 


Gnar may look adorable and harmless, but he can transform into a massive ball of destruction and chaos when triggered. Coming from a line of primeval yordle, he has been frozen in ice for over a millenia. Once free from his icy prison, he broke out into the world and was amazed by the changes he saw. 


  • Rage gene – When Gnar is in rage gene mode, his strength can increase and transform into a Mega Gnar. He can deflect spells and increase his chances of surviving a battle. 
  • Boomerang throw / boulder throw – Once Gnar throws his boomerang, he can inflict damage and slow his enemies attacks. Additionally, he can enter Mega Gnar mode where he will lift a boulder and throw it at his enemies. 
  • Hyper / Wallop – Gnars attacks will increase his energy, making him enter his Movement Speed mode. Additionally, he will enter the Mega Gnar mode where he will be enraged and will rear up his legs and inflict damage to the area near him to stun enemies.
Amumu Banner Games


Afflicted by an ancient curse, Amumu is a lonely spirit that hails from the sandy dunes of Shurima. He looks far and wide in search for a friend that will accompany him for eternity. People who have seen him roaming around the land described him as a small cadaver covered in bandages. 

  • Cursed touch – Ammus has the power to inflict a cursed touch to his enemies which can cause damage and a decrease in life force. 
  • Bandage toss – A bandage toss can damage the target and stun them in the field. 
  • Despair – When plagued by his anguish, Amumu can throw a fit and fall into a pit of despair that can decrease his enemies’ health and retrigger the curses inflicted on them. 

Nunu and Willump 

Willump, a boy who had a thirst to prove himself, slain a monster that will give him the glory he’s been waiting for. However, he discovered that the beast he attacked was a lonely creature looking for love and company. Now, Nunu and Willump are inseparable while traversing the Summoner’s Rift looking for Nunu’s mother. 


  • Snowball barrage – Nunu will throw large snowballs towards the enemies to inflict damage. Once he’s done, Willump will root any champion or enemies that were damaged by the snowball. 
  • Call of the Frejlord – Nunu will increase the movement of Willump and a nearby ally that will inflict damage to the target within attacking range. 
  • Consume – Willump will transform and take a bite out of the nearby minion and inflict damage to enemies. 
  • Absolute zero – Nunu and Willump will conjure a massive blizzard in their area that can slow down enemies and deliver a massive damage to nearby enemies. 

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