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An in-depth guide to Starcraft betting

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Known as one of the top esports in the world in terms of prize money, global coverage, and participants, Starcraft has millions of players all over the globe, with many participating in the different annual tournaments. 

Start betting on your favourite Starcraft team now at Sportsbet! To help you form the best betting strategy, here’s a guide on the basics of this popular game. 

What is Starcraft? 

Published by Blizzard Entertainment for Microsoft Windows, Starcraft is a military science fiction real-time strategy game (RTS) created in 1998. The game is set somewhere in the Milky Way galaxy on a futuristic timeline in the 25th century. Its story revolves around three species that are aiming for dominance over the universe. 

The three species are:

  • Terran – These are the humans who were exiled from Earth and can now adapt to any atmosphere they’re in. 
  • Zerg – These species are insectoid aliens that are looking for genetic perfection.
  • Protoss – These are humanoid species who are aiming to preserve their race and a strict philosophy about their way of life.

The story

Due to overpopulation on Earth during the early 24th century, the United Powers League  sent gifted humans with peculiar abilities to populate other parts of the galaxy. 

After failing to colonize a solar system, these humans inhabited the Koprulu sector where they formed several governments that eventually led to disagreements and conflicts. One of those governments—the Confederacy of Man—became the strongest among them. However, due to its cruelty towards dissidents, a group called the Sons of Korhal was formed to undermine them.

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Starcraft consists of major and recurring characters that contribute to the story of the game. The game has 5 main characters and three different groups of species that players will encounter. 

Discover who are the strongest characters to plan out your betting strategy! Here are the following main characters and their abilities:

Jim Raynor

Jim Raynor is a Terran and the primary protagonist of the Terran species. He was a former Terran marshal who became a rebel and took down the Confederacy and its successor, the Dominion. When he was a kid, his father taught him how to hunt and shoot, skills that became an advantage when he became a marshal.

Sarah Kerrigan

As the primary Zerg protagonist, Sarah Kerrigan is known as ‘The Primal Queen of Blades’ after the Zerg Swarm captured her. One of her abilities is infinite respawning. She can acquire more abilities as her level increases.


Artanis is the primary Protoss protagonist and a military commander. He’s a strong character who can leave heavy damage with his normal attacks. Additionally, Artanis can defeat enemies in the area of impact, and using his Astral Wind, he can heal himself and his comrades.


Zeratul is also one of the main protagonists of the Protoss and is known for being a psionic warrior and assassin. When his army is wounded, he will hurry to the battlefield to aid them. Additionally, Zeratul can use his Prophetic Vision to zoom in on the location of artefact fragments.


Nova is a daughter of one of the families under the Confederate Old Families and is a commander in Co-op Missions. Her impressive abilities in the game include blinking, shielding herself, and requesting the strike of nuclear weapons against her enemies.

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Terran characters 

The Terrans are a species of futuristic humanoids known for their adaptability to any new terrain. These characters are descended from the human survivors of the colonization mission in the 23rd century. Unlike its two counterparts, the Protoss and Zerg, Terran characters don’t have a broad knowledge of anything technical-related and they lack genetic diversity. 

In the Terran sector, there are seven government fractions:

  • Moebius Foundation
  • Kel-Morian Combine
  • Tarsonis Republic 
  • Mar Sara Republic 
  • Terran Dominion 
  • Umojan Protectorate
  • United Earth Directorate.

Terrans usually experience political executions, civil wars, and revolution within their sector.  

Protoss characters

Acting as the unified Protoss protectorate organization is the Daelaam that comprises recognized Protoss family relatives. Before the Brood Wars, the sector of Protoss was divided into four divisions: 

  • Khalai of the Protoss Empire
  • Nerazim
  • Tal’Darim
  • Purifiers.

The former body split up due to the Great War and subsequent Brood War. It also resulted in all Protoss divisions merging for mutual survival through sharing information, and integrating technology.

Zerg characters

The Zerg Swarm is the pinnacle of Zerg predators that is a developing swarm intelligence driven by its mentality of ‘adapt or die.’ These predators wipe out advanced species by using genetic codes to reach their goal of ‘genetic perfection.’ Zerg are viruses that produce strains and prosper in the most unconventional places.

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Attributes of each race

Each race in Starcraft has its strengths that can benefit the players and weaknesses that might hinder their progress in the game.

Know when is the right time to bet on your favourite player by learning each race’s attributes on the battlefield. Here is a more detailed description of each race that can help you decide which team to bet on:


Terran was derived from the word ‘Terra’ that means ‘Earth’ in Latin. This race is known for maximizing their use of the environment and finishing all tasks at hand. 

Terrans are individualistic and diversified, which is why they have multiple factions competing against each other. This race specializes in defence, tanking, mobility, and concentrated firepower. 


Zergs are not tool-makers because they lack the technological inclination. The goal of this race is to conquer worlds. At birth, a Zerg has two cell types. The first cell is responsible for random mutations while the other hunts and claims the strengths and attributes of other races. They are inclined to absorb other species to gain perfect mutation.

They are also known as ‘the swarm’ due to their ability to quickly build new strains and overwhelm enemies with assaults. The Zerg hunt for candidates to assimilate in their gene pool in harsh climates where strong species with the best mutations can be found. 

Additionally, Zergs have no free will because they are forced to follow the instructions of the superior ones in the Zerg hierarchy. However, despite having no sense of self-preservation, they have enough intelligence to fight opponents independently.


Protoss are sapient humanoid species with technological advancement that enhances their strength. This race has two main cultural groups, namely Khalai and Nerazim. Due to their advanced technology, Protoss have the means to combine their knowledge and mastery of psionic skills to become a more formidable race.

Each Protoss can be determined by their skin shade and a mark that corresponds to their home tribe. They do not eat nor drink but instead, get their energy by absorbing light.

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Starcraft has 3 elements that players need to earn resources to build structures. Be on the lookout for these items that can help the players increase their strength. Here are the three most important elements in the game:


Once the players start the game, they will be given a field of minerals that they must harvest. Minerals are clustered together in several locations. Keep in mind that these locations are where structures and bases are built. Each worker mines 5 minerals per trip and they must keep on building extra workers to increase the harvesting rate.

If the mineral field has no more supply of minerals, it will disappear on the map. Players can choose to secure additional fees if they want to retrieve more minerals as they play the game.  

Vespene Gas

The Vespene Gas is often green in colour but can change due to contamination. Terrans value this because of its high potential energy that can be used in high-performance engines. 

Vespene Gas is often found in geysers but can also be found in many other planets, including the galactic rim and asteroid fields. This can also be extracted from any planet’s crust. 

Other species like the Zerg use the Vespene Gas as well. This race uses the Vespene Gas as their source of nourishment because it contains high-caloric capacity that can contribute to their metabolism.  


When players build many structures, they will increase the Supply value of their base. If they don’t have enough Supply and can no longer build a new structure, they will be considered Supply-capped. The maximum amount that players can receive is 200. Here’s how each race increases its Supply:

  • Terran – Terrans can increase their Supply when they build Supply Depots, Command Centers, and Extra Supplies. 
  • Protoss – Protoss can increase the Supply when they build Pylons and Nexuses.
  • Zerg – Zerg can increase the Supply when they produce Overlords and build Hatcheries.

Micro and Macro

Micro and Macro are two techniques players can do during the game. Learn more about these to know if the team you’re rooting for is competitive enough to win the game: 


As its name suggests, Micro refers to the ability to control the players’ units individually. Players can control units to execute a certain individual or take down multiple enemies. 


Macro concerns the overall arrangement of the players’ economy. This refers to the ability to produce more units, and keep an eye on the growth of one’s army. Additionally, in Macro, players should see to it that everything in the economy functions properly and the flow of the activities is continuous.

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Begin betting on Starcraft! 

Now you have an idea about the basics of the game, it’s time to begin betting on your favourite team or player here at Sportsbet! Here’s how you can start betting on Starcraft:

Find a sportsbook
To start, you have to find a sportsbook that has great service and will suit your preferences. In this case, you can choose Sportsbet. Our site is easy to navigate and you’ll find anything you need almost instantly. You’ll also find other types of sports you want to bet on. Additionally, live dealer games and slots are also available on the site.
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There are a wide variety of currencies you can use for sports betting at Sportsbet. You can either use fiat or cryptocurrencies. For fiat, our site accepts various currencies around the world, while BTC, LTC and ETH are some of the most used cryptocurrencies at Sportsbet. Head over to the Payment Methods section of our website to find our extensive list of available currencies.
Deposit and withdrawal option
Once you’ve created an account at Sportsbet, you need to deposit money into your account so you can begin betting. Most sites offer e-wallets, cryptocurrencies, and debit/credit cards. If you have any of these three, then you can easily deposit money.

If you want to use e-wallets, the common ones used by bettors are Neteller, PayPal, Skrill, EcoPayz, SticPay, Astropay, MuchBetter, CashtoCode, and Jeton.

For the withdrawal option, make sure that your preferred option is available in the site because most sites offer different deposit and withdrawal alternatives.

Discover the world of Starcraft betting

Now that you know everything about the basics of Starcraft, start betting on your favourite teams or players and find out if you have the potential to win big!

Here are the different types of bets you can do at Sportsbet:

In-play means betting on your favourite team or players while the game is in session. This is the most common type of betting wherein bettors can change their bets depending on the progress of the game.
Next 24 hours
The matches in this type of betting include those that are set to begin in the next 24 hours. With this type of betting, you have the opportunity to take a look at the odds in advance. This will help you decide on which team or individual to bet on. If the tickets for this bet are already available, you can also go ahead and purchase them in advance.
Outright betting
In outright betting, you wager on the outcome of the entire tournament instead of betting on singles.
In future betting, you have the chance to see the odds of the matches that will begin soon. The schedule of the matches is also already available.
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