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A guide to the top match betting markets at Sportsbet

Betting on sports like basketball online can be challenging, especially if you don’t know the ropes around it. To boost your chances of winning and improve your odds, it’s crucial to be familiar with the different betting markets and odds before placing bets offered. 

Online sports betting not only opens your eyes to various possible betting options but also to different payment methods. One of the best payment methods you can opt for is crypto betting. Betting with crypto allows players to experience fast transactions.

To maximise sports betting using crypto, it’s crucial to only bet at sites such as the Sportsbet betting platform. At Sportsbet, you not only get the freedom to bet using Sportsbet Bitcoin but also access various bonuses and promotions that will let you bet more without going over your budget. 

To help you get started on your online sports betting journey, here’s a guide on popular betting markets and odds found at Sportsbet:

What are betting markets?

Sports betting markets are possible outcomes of a gaming event that’s provided by the site. Sites like Sportsbet use betting markets to help you place wise bets on a specific spot. Usually, sites provide various betting markets per game.  

No matter how many betting markets a betting site provides, it’s up to you to research which of these betting markets has the most likelihood of happening within a set timeframe. When learning how to choose the best betting market, it’s crucial to remember that every betting market depends on the sports you’re wagering on.

Some betting markets require you to bet before or during an event. The most common are inplay and outright betting. Inplay betting refers to the market wherein you bet on games in real time. On the other hand, outright betting requires you to predict what will happen in the game before it even commences.

Why is it crucial to choose the right betting market?

Boosting your winning odds entails choosing the right betting market only to increase your chances of placing a bet that wins. To know which betting market is more likely to happen, research the game, teams, and players. 

If you’re a new punter, choose a betting market that you know and understand well. By doing so, you’ll have an easier time researching and coming up with the most possible predictions. 

Choosing the right betting market also comes with generous odds and wins. To know how each betting market differs from the other, it’s crucial to know how each of them works to help you place bets wisely and hassle-free.

Sportsbet’s top match betting markets

As mentioned, it’s crucial for new players to understand and determine which betting market is the best choice to improve their odds. When sports betting at Sportsbet, you’ll find various betting markets to choose from. 

To help you decide on which betting market to bet on, it’s best to keep tabs on the movement of the betting market you prefer. This will help maximise your profits and keep your bankroll growing.

Since each of the betting markets found at Sportsbet has its own pros and cons, no one can guarantee that you’ll win every bet you make. To avoid going over your budget, consider your level of risk-taking before placing bets. The level of risk you’re willing to take greatly affects your decision about which sports betting market to engage in. 

Here are some of Sportsbet’s top match betting markets you should know:


When it comes to this betting market, your bet is based on the possible overall final score of a match and not who wins. To win your bet, all you need is to correctly guess whether the total combined score of the two teams will be more or less than the predicted number given by the sportsbook.


Will there be a tie

Will there be a tie is one of the easiest betting markets to bet on. All you have to do is predict whether there will be a tie by the end of the game. Will there be a tie betting market is just a matter of guessing ‘yes’ or ‘no’ for a possible tie.


Winner betting market is one of the most basic bets you can make. Betting on the winner of a sports match means you’re wagering on the team you think will come out on top of the leaderboard. In this market, the only factor that matters is who wins the game, regardless of the player’s stats, point differential, and final score. 

Asian Handicap

In the Asian Handicap betting market, there is a fixed advantage for one team. This type of betting market is commonly used in football. The term handicap means that one team has more lead compared to the other. 

Asian Handicaps remove the possible chance of a draw in a match. A minus (-) sign is given to the favourite team with a handicap disadvantage, while a plus (+) symbol represents the underdog which has the handicap advantage. 


With the odd/even betting market, you must bet whether the combined score of a sports match has a final score that’s odd or even. For example, the final score of a football game between England and Spain is 1-0. This means the odd bet is the winner. If ever the match ended with 1-1,  the even bet wins. If the score is 0-0, this is considered an even bet. 

What are the most popular betting odds?

Aside from sports betting markets, it’s also crucial to consider the odds. Understanding sports betting odds may be overwhelming at first, but once you’ve fully understood how they work, betting wisely will be easier. 

Here’s a guide on how the popular betting odds work and why it’s crucial to learn how to read them:

Decimal odds

Countries that commonly use decimal odds for sports betting are Canada, New Zealand, Europe, and Australia. Decimal odds are also known as European odds or digital odds. This type of odds is one of the easiest to learn compared to fractional and Moneyline odds.

With decimal odds, all you need to do is look at the game stats and you’ll immediately find out who the favourites and underdogs are. The higher the number a team gets, the lesser chance for them to win. Meanwhile, the lower the decimal the more chances of winning. For every $1 you bet, a decimal odd number indicates how much you stand to win. For instance:

  • England – 1.3
  • Spain – 4.00 

Fractional odds

Fractional odds are often used by bookmakers in Ireland and the United Kingdom. This sports odd is commonly known as traditional, UK, or British odds. Fractional odds often follow a format with a (/) or hyphen (-). Odds of 6/1 (six to one) mean you may win $6 for every $1 placed on a fractional listing. This means you get the chance to win $6 for every $1 dollar bet placed. 

Moneyline odds

Also called American or US odds, a negative (-) symbol means it’s the favourite to win. To win $100, you need to make a bet on whatever the odds show. Meanwhile, the underdogs have a plus (+) sign which represents the probable profit per $100 wagered.

For example, Steelers have a Moneyline odds of +585. Meanwhile, the Chiefs have a -760. This means that the Steelers have a less likely chance of winning while the Chiefs are more probable to win. 

Sports betting tips for beginners

Although sports betting is based on your luck, there are many ways you can boost your chances of winning. While learning the best betting markets and odds is crucial, there are also simpler and easier ways to bet smartly on Sportsbet. Some of the best sports betting tips for beginners are:

Start slow

One of the most crucial tips for new punters is to start slow. If you’re a beginner, sports betting can be overwhelming at first. That’s why it’s crucial to take your time doing research and carefully examining the betting markets before placing bets. 

Starting slow also entails avoiding going all in and placing huge amounts of bets at once. Starting with smaller bets and slowly increasing them as you learn more and gauge more about how sports betting works is a crucial step. 

Learn the basics

When it comes to sports betting, the importance of learning the basics cannot be neglected. People who have never tried sports betting before should spend more time getting familiar with the basics before diving in head first and placing bets. Knowing the basics helps you make wise bets, thus, boosting your chances of winning. 

Always bet with a clear mind

To avoid losing too much money, it’s important that you palace bets with a clear mind and only on sports that you know well. This entails avoiding placing bets while you’re intoxicated in any way. 

Sportsbet betting site is one of the most renowned and licensed bookmakers that offer various sports betting options to choose from. When you bet on the site, you will not only find the best markets and odds, but also various payment methods like Sportsbet Bitcoin betting. The cherry on top is that Sportsbet also offers generous bonuses and promotions that help you place bets without going over your budget. 


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