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A guide to what to expect in the LoL esports scene in 2023

Riot Games announced that major changes will take place in 2023 much to the delight of various League of Legends (LoL) players. In 2022, League of Legends experienced immense success and growth in the esports scene. Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, League’s esports events were able to surpass challenges and garner a lot of viewers and sponsorships. 

Due to League of Legends’ unstoppable success in 2022, millions of fans are excited to see what’s about to come in 2023. Riot recently announced that there will be changes in League events to anticipate this year. Some of these changes are updates on game formats and new skins. 

In the previous year, many fans engaged in League of Legends esports betting on renowned sites such as the Sportsbet betting platform. Esports fans were able to experience a whole new level of betting thanks to reliable payment options such as Sportsbet Bitcoin. This year, fans expect the world of League esports to grow more as changes are to be implemented. Some of the changes you can expect in LoL esports in 2023 are:

New format to League’s esports scene

Naz Aletaha, the global head of League of Legends esports disclosed that the League of Legends esports team is working diligently to introduce major format adjustments. In 2021, this information was made public in response to a public demand from fans. 

The goal is to have these changes in place by 2023. Fans can anticipate that international tournaments in 2023 will shift from the best-of-one format for the group stage to the best-of-three format for the elimination stages. 

Single elimination in League World Championship

According to John Needham, president of Riot Games’ esports branch, the world’s biggest esports competitions all use a single-elimination bracket for their championship rounds. As a result, League of Legends competitions will continue to use the best-of-one format in their League World Championship.

Fans have long advocated that the World Championship follow other esports competitions like Dota 2’s The International’s double-elimination structure. However, Riot has chosen to stick with single-elimination rounds as they think this raises the stakes of League esports gaming to their highest level, especially in their World Championship games.

New support champion

Esports fans can anticipate seeing a brand-new support champion in the upcoming League of Legends patch in 2023. Although not much else is known at this time, what is known is that this champion will be a male. 

Given that the new champion will be using fire to aid his comrades, it makes sense that Riot is calling this hero the ‘fire healer’. The new support champion is anticipated by gamers to be similar to Annie and Nunu. It was revealed that the new champion is from Ixtal, a region that Riot has largely disregarded ever since the debut of Qiyana.

However, two more champions, Ahri’s ASU and Aurelion Sol, must be made public before the League community can meet this new support champion. The first patch of the 2023 season is thought to include Ahri’s ASU, while Aurelion Sol is expected to follow soon after.

More rewards and new skins

Every League of Legends player that finishes the season at gold or higher rank is currently given a Victorious skin. In 2023, every player can expect to get graded skins. This applies to everyone, including those who fell short of the gold standard. Because of the splits, there will be two ranked LoL skins available.

According to Riot, depending on their ultimate rank at the end of the split, you can have various chroma skin colours and will be acquired similarly to how players did before with a slight adjustment. These include Hextech keys, chests, and several other items that are all available to League of Legends players.

Expect to get split points for each ranked game they play, a specific number for a win and a little less for a loss. From earlier tiered incentives, the process for earning these prizes has been simplified.

On the old track, there were only four rewards that were spaced far apart. With this, Riot will increase the overall quantity of incentives and move the best ones up front. Riot will also reduce the number of games required to unlock each existing reward by one.

Riot will reportedly simplify the procedure for earning division points as well. The prior attempt to reward players who queued as fill or compensate those who were auto-filled was unsuccessful in 2022. The catch is that in 2023, esports fans can expect to receive more points for victories and fewer for defeats.


Release of the Dark Assassin

Many players are asking for more Darkin champions in 2022. Due to this, it was announced that a new Darkin Assassin will be released in 2023. Players’ requests for champions with particular origins only serve to highlight how important a champion’s history is to many League of Legends fans. Reav3, one of League’s system producers, provided specifics regarding the impending release of a new Darkin champion in the August 2022 Champion Roadmap. 

Reav3’s mysterious mention of a ‘who’ will be wielding the Darkin weapon raises the possibility that the champion is not as human as game enthusiasts initially believed. The Darkin dagger champion would be a female, according to some tweets removed. However, this has not been confirmed by Riot. 

Garena accounts to be deleted

All Garena accounts connected to League of Legends will be terminated in January 2023. Despite the fact that not all Garena shells can be converted into Riot points, you can still use these for other in-game purchases.

You can do this to have access to international events, skins, cross-collaborations, and many other amazing experiences. To transfer your Garena account to a Riot Games account, here’s a guide:

  • Visit the dedicated account migration website Riot Games has created.
  • Select ‘Migrate your account’ from the screen’s bottom menu.
  • Another page will be linked to you.
  • Then select ‘Start Linking’.
  • Enter the password for your Garena account. Double-check your details. 
  • Choose ‘confirm’.

More local events and campaigns

Riot’s changes will generally apply to all of their games, not just League of Legends. They are currently setting up offices throughout the region as they prepare to expand their self-made titles throughout the Asia Pacific. The Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia, and India are among the nations where they intend to open an office.

If you live in one of the mentioned countries, expect more local events and initiatives with a regional focus to increase. Given that Riot continues to operate in both Singapore and Japan, these two nations stand to gain the most from this.

Access to previously unavailable content

The return of Team Fortress 2 (TFT) and League of Legends (LOL) events in 2023 will give gamers access to content that was previously unavailable to them but available in other regions. This includes games with tournament-style play, like Clash, where players compete against one another for virtual goods in a bracket.

Players in the area can now access multi-game campaigns like Star Guardians and Ruination. Additionally, brand-new LoL and TFT 2 events will make their debut in 2023, adding to the esports community’s excitement. This year, you can now have access to esports-themed campaigns and awards, such as the Worlds Pick ’ems.

Return of big players

Since League esports is a huge success so are its pro players. That is why after it was announced that previous star players will be coming back this year, fans were thrilled. After a two-year hiatus, LCS legend Doublelift will make his public debut in 2023 as the bot laner for 100 Thieves. 

The return of Swedish superstar Rekkles to Fnatic has made esports fans a buzz. Viper, a previous global champion who is eager to claim his first LCK crown in honour of his return to Korea, is another big returner this year.

China’s LPL expected to take their revenge

The LPL is the greatest league in the world. Despite RNG winning the MSI trophy in the spring,  four Chinese pro players ultimately lost at Worlds 2022. That is why in 2023, fans are anxious to see their region reclaim the top spot and expect LPL to send only its best players to international competitions.

Every LPL season succeeds in producing the most chaotic but competitive series, and 2023 seems to be no different thanks to the almost endless supply of elite teams and talent. Who will is as good as anyone’s guess given the massive roster changes and rekindled alliances between world champions.

As more fans are starting to be hyped up by Riot’s announcements about changes in the League of Legends esports scene, it’s expected that more fans will engage in esports betting this year. Although 2022 was a successful year for the LoL esports betting scene, 2023 is expected to break more records and propel the League of Legends esports scene to new heights.

As more esports betting platforms like the Sportsbet betting site fully embrace crypto as one of their payment options, fans can expect a more hassle-free esports betting experience. Not to mention, Sportsbet Bitcoin offers various benefits such as faster and safer transactions to guarantee esports punters a secure online betting session.