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The best tennis players of all time 

In the realm of tennis, several players have proven to be the best in their respective opens. Whether it be the Men or Women Tennis Open, it is apparent that these players have a lot of skills to showcase in a tennis court. 

Regardless if the games are prepared in a singles or doubles format, these best players still find a way to dominate the sport.

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So, who are the best tennis players of all time and why? Know more about the greatest tennis players of all time and some of their achievements: 

Roger Federer 

Often regarded as the undisputed greatest player of all time, Roger Federer has exemplified his skills on the tennis court by winning multiple Tennis Open championships and showed an outstanding performance throughout his career. 

Despite his somewhat petite frame, Roger can hit a fastball that surprises opposing tennis players, especially during the climax of huge tournaments.

He is certainly an athletic connoisseur during his matches. The way he moves and uses his techniques are incredibly economical which conserves his energy for longer matches. Roger makes the game of tennis look easy despite requiring so much skill and effort to be successful. 

If you think Roger’s 20 Grand Slams throughout his tenure is unimpressive, then watching him play should just about convince you that he is one of the greatest tennis players in the history of the sport.

Serena Williams

Did you know that Serena Wiliams won the Grand Slam Singles title in 2017 while pregnant with her eight week old child? This alone grants her the status of the greatest female tennis player of all time.

However, Serena has done so much more prior to that Grand Slam title. Her career rose to stardom after beating the best players in her division. After winning multiple titles, Serena has revolutionised the sport of tennis for both men and women alike. 

Her style of play has always been about displaying her immense power on the court. Serena’s thunderous serves and great attention to detail in how she hits the tennis ball is a skill that not all tennis players possess.

Simply put, Serena Williams has done so much for the sport proving that she deserves being named as one of the greatest tennis players ever. 

Novak Djokovic 

Nova Djokovic is one of the most competitive rivals Roger Federer has faced in his career. With his ability to return serves in the saviest ways, Novak is one of the most determined and skilled tennis athletes in the world. 

Even though Roger is regarded as on of the best tennis players, Novak actually won similar numbers to Roger in terms of outright tournaments and prestigious awards. 

He has won the latest 2021 Best Male Tennis Player ESPY Award, 2018 ITF World Champions for Men’s singles, and has defeated opponents in the US Tennis Men Open for several years. This made him stand out of the crowd of great tennis even more.

Novak is easily a top five player of all time. If you’ve watched Novak strike a tennis ball before, then you’d know that he is a one of a kind player. 

Rafael Nadal

Rafael Nadal is among the plethora of tennis players who are easily regarded as one of the best in their fields. Nadal has the right amount of power and aggression to hit the tennis ball in ways that will surprise even the best opponents he’s faced. 

His demeanour of beating his opponents in the most severe ways is showing how great his mentality is when it comes to tennis matches. 

Federer has similar records as him with the comparable winning percentage of 65%. Nadal also doesn’t falter against the top 10 opponents when facing them as he carries on to having the same winning percentage when matching up among some of the best in the league. 

Nadal is a world-class talent who you can’t even compare to the same players under his class. As a lefty, Nadal probably has one of the best forehand serves and reserves ever. His competition is nothing compared to his poise and finesse when paired against the best on the tennis court. 

Steffi Graf 

Steffi Graf started her illustrious career back in the 1980s. It was also when she was the best player in her own class. Steffi was dominant, fierce, and had skills that are unmatched by any other female tennis player. 

After winning several matches in her glory days, she became one of only a very few players who won over a hundred titles during her tenure (107 titles). 

It was clear during her time as a professional tennis player that nobody came close to her talent and power to dominate the field. The 80s to 90s era was all about her, and women’s tennis was shaping to become what it is today all thanks to Steffi. 

The world owes these players for making the sport of tennis a great experience for both playing and watching. Tennis industry grew in popularity with several endeavours such as bitcoin sports betting in sites like Sportsbet now offers a wide list of tennis betting markets for you to wager on.

Moreover, these greatest players have provided a whole new generation of people to look up to and brought tennis to the map that instantly turned it into a successful sport.

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