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Four known crypto wallets to use in 2022

Bitcoin betting has been the new norm as punters enjoyed winning with their wagers on this one. This was a huge step towards innovation as a number of crypto wallets also came out to cater the needs of many punters and crypto investors.

Over the years of crypto making waves in various industries, wallets have also come out to cater users who want to secure their assets. This is why the rise of wallets ensured that there would be more people who want to try out crypto on their own.

Wallets play a huge role in crypto investment. Safety is always a primary concern in the crypto world, and this means that a safe storage of their assets is a great guarantee on investments with crypto in the long run.

Betting sites such as Sportsbet have even allowed the use of crypto in betting, which only means that people can place their wagers with more flexible means. Having a crypto wallet makes it easy for them to use crypto in betting.

Bitcoin sports betting is the new norm today for some punters. Most people have enjoyed the perks of winning in their favorite sports with the use of Bitcoin, and it is easy to expect that it will be easier to reap the benefits of betting in the long run.

Here are the top four crypto wallets that crypto enthusiasts should use in 2022:


Coinbase is an intuitive and highly secure wallet that is even backed by a well-known exchange. It is excellent for a lot of beginners since it can connect to a lot of known banks and even has a user-friendly interface as well.

On top of that, Coinbase also has the means to store non-fungible tokens along with other digital collectibles. It supports over 500 crypto assets among other hot wallets out there. Coinbase Wallet also has the means to be opened without an actual account on the platform itself. 

Coinbase is also known for its multi-signature and two-factor authentication support. Being backed by a reputable exchange makes it a top pick for a lot of people who want to get a great investment in the long run.


Electrum is more focused on security and customisability. It is also one of the few crypto wallets that are still dealing in Bitcoin, which is the only currency that it is locked in to support.

The wallet hosts a wide variety of potent security features, and they can also adjust their fees depending on how long they want to wait for a transaction to be done. The more fees they pay, the faster it is to be done.

Electrum’s best asset is that it uses a lightweight client. Light clients are fast to set up and it takes a short amount of time and less space than other wallet clients. With the use of single payment verification, the wallet will only download a few parts of the blockchain and speed up deals without hampering security.

Electrum is faster and easier to set up than other wallets, and its great security makes it favourable to use along with the changeable transaction fees. Wallets on this brand also don’t suffer any downtime thanks to their server configurations.


Mycelium is the best crypto wallet for most mobile devices since it has a lot of strong features and advanced transaction for history information. It has been in the business since 2008 and has been consistent among mobile devices such as Android and iOS.

This wallet can support Bitcoin, Ether (ETH) and ERC-20 tokens along with FIO token. A lot of transaction options means less hassle for users as well, and the app is entirely reproducible, which means that its code can be duplicated.

Mycelium also has several layers of security, which makes it reliable for anyone who wants to use it. The wallet app also features custom transaction fees with four levels along with several types for different user accounts. Users can even use a set fee to track their transactions or the length of time they need to wait for a deal.


Ledger is one of the known brands of hardware wallets. The French company launched in 2014 with the goal of producing a hardware wallet that can be used by all crypto users. The first project was the Ledger Nano S, and it is the first hardware wallet to enter the crypto industry – years before other wallets were launched.

Nano X was then released and served as a USB drive that is connected to the user device either through USB or Bluetooth. The wallet can be connected to any device even if it has different operating systems. This wallet supports 27 coins and 1,500 and the list still grows each year, making it versatile for a lot of users as well.

It is an offline crypto wallet as well, and with the popularity of hardware wallets, Ledger is clearly a great option when it comes to working out on the crypto investments through a much safer storage.

The number of currencies supported at 1,800, security standards and mobile trading capabilities make it stand out among many other crypto wallets out there. Nano X’s addition of a built-in battery also made it a favourite among crypto enthusiasts since the use of Bluetooth and other asset management made it simpler and easy to use to exchange coins and tokens on the go.

Crypto wallets are indeed the future of the crypto industry as a whole. Since crypto has a lot of uses, it is safe to say that there is also a big shift for the use of wallets than just investments since Bitcoin sports betting means that there are sites such as Sportsbet that will thrive in that manner.

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