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CS:GO betting guides for beginners

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) continues to be one of the most celebrated first-person shooters (FPS) in the world. It hosts many major leagues for spectators to look forward to, such as the ESL Pro League which happens twice a year. If you are interested in participating in sports betting for CS:GO, then here are a few pointers that you have to research:

Choose a few reliable channels

CS:GO may be one of the household names in the esport industry but it is not featured in mainstream media. You have to seek out active content creators who focus on news and updates of the game on the esports side. Information for game updates are only useful if you’re playing the game yourself so try not to consume too much content.

A few examples are content creators who consider themselves esports analysts because they always have a useful bit of information regarding the active teams. They could also give predictions that are helpful for CS:GO betting but don’t take their words for gospel. You can arrive at a different conclusion so you have to weigh whose idea is more plausible.

Learn how to choose events

Not all CS:GO games are worth your time and attention. Tier 2 or lower events have matchups with obvious results and low payout. You want to focus on exciting games with uncertain development and a guaranteed abundance of amazing moments. Some lower-tier matches may be worth your wager but only if they involve teams or players that you are following.

Watch pro league games as often as possible

Watching pro league events is one of the most reliable ways to gain insights into the tournaments. It’s always better to start spectating from the day the tournament begins because early matches aren’t usually worth betting on. Use these games to scout the teams and try to find at least three groups to root for. Dedicating your attention into three teams can give you all of the insights you need for the rest of the season which helps you contextualize future matchups. 

Understand important factors in the game

The type of insights that you have to look for from content creators is their thoughts and opinions on every team. They have to give you a description on players, relationship or tension within the teams, and the management. Once you have a grasp on the nature of esports, you’ll learn how to find your own conclusions using all of the available information. Making educated guesses is more reliable in CS:GO betting than predictions.

Explore different combo bets

Don’t just settle for betting on who is more likely to win each game. Try mixing up your betting ticket with more than one market. This enhances your sense of opportunities and rewards your understanding of the esports scene as a fan. It also means more chances of winning or higher payout.

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