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Widely known as a North American sport, baseball has strong influence on other parts of the world. South Korea, in particular, is one of the countries that have fallen in love with baseball. This has led to the creation of the KBO League and the other minor leagues in the country. 

Baseball’s growth has been exponential around the world with East Asia showing its passion for the sport alongside the many Caribbean nations. This has led to people showing interest in multiple leagues which have included the KBO League in South Korea. Legitimate interest in watching the games have led to wagers as well on platforms like Sportsbet where you can see profound markets. 

What is the KBO League’s format?

The KBO League regular season usually starts in April and runs until October. It has 10 teams that play 144 games each which was a format established back in 2016. There will be a stage called the KBO Korean Series where five playoff selections are up for grabs which will also be the stage where the champion is decided. 

The fifth and fourth-place teams will duke it out in the KBO Wild Card Game to decide which team will make it into the Semi-playoffs where they will duke it out with the third-placed team in a best-of-five series. After they finish off the Semi-playoffs, the KBO Playoffs will have another best-of-five series between the Semi-playoffs winner and the second-place team. 

Avoid the most common baseball betting mistakes 

There are some mistakes that have become common in baseball betting. This is important to know because some bettors become complacent as they progress. Here are some of the most common mistakes you can avoid. 

  • Research is not a priority for some bettors. 
  • Logic is forgotten because the bettor wants to make wagers based on what they are feeling. 
  • They trust the odds too much and see it as the sole decision-maker for their bets.
  • Some people love to bet on favourites as they want to be safe. On the other hand, there are bettors who exclusively bet on big-time payouts which is why it’s important to maintain the balance. 
  • The betting slip should be checked out before the confirmation because some people miss blunders.
  • Chasing too many losses is a big issue for some bettors. 
  • People who set too high of expectations have ended up failing for some bettors. 
  • They default to blaming bad luck for their losses. 

The top teams in the KBO

To learn more about the KBO, you need to check out some of the biggest teams in competition. There are 10 total teams and they are all contenders for the coveted title. 

  • Doosan Bears
  • Kia Tigers
  • KT Wiz
  • NC Dinos
  • Samsung Lions
  • Hanwha Eagles
  • Kiwoom Heroes
  • LG Twins
  • Lotte Giants
  • SSG Landers

Among these 10 teams, the Kia Tigers is the most successful team in the KBO with 11 titles to their name. They are followed by the Samsung Lions who have eight titles to their name and 10 runner-up finishes. The Doosan Bears come third with six titles and nine runner-up finishes.

These are reliable teams to bet on if you want to keep winning your KBO bets but in recent years, both NC Dinos and KT Wiz have improved to the point that they have won some championships of their own. 


Tips and tricks for your KBO bets

In the sports betting world, whenever you make either an inplay or outrights soccer bet, you should always be prepared with useful information that can boost your chances of winning. These are the tips that you can use moving forward so you can have an easier time with KBO League betting. 

Researching and scouting teams will pay off 

You should always be aware of the teams that will be playing in the league. This is important because if you know how they will play, you can gauge them playing against other teams in the league.

Identifying the star players will be important 

Whenever you make bets on sports, you should always be aware of the star players who will greatly influence the results of a match. These are the players who will be the main factors in the scouting report because they have such a talented star to lead them to victory. Knowing them will matter for your bets because you can keep winning as long as you place your bets based on the quality of the star players leading the team.

Stay updated with the most recent KBO news 

If you want to be a reliable bettor, you should always keep in touch with the most recent news that you can see about the KBO. These are important to take note of because the news can involve injuries, trades, and even coaching changes. All of those factors are important for a team’s performance which in turn will affect your bets. 

Always maintain your bankroll at a steady level

In sports betting, always keep in mind the proper bankroll management. This is crucial for your bets because you can’t do anything if you have nothing in your account. Do not start off with a massive bet because you need to start slow and grow from there. Always be ready to balance your bankroll because you might go overboard sometimes. 

Remain consistent with your wagers

Do not be complacent when you do your KBO bets. It is important for you to remember that consistency will be key for your success in betting on this league. If you keep changing your style, it might not pay off for you. Learn to adapt with the ever-changing KBO.

Use the odds properly to win your bets 

Odds are the numbers that you see linked to the betting markets that you see. These are meant to help you determine the underdog and favourites for any market. Aside from that, they are also helpful with determining how many rewards you can win. Using these odds to the fullest will be your key to success.

Find out what these odds mean

There are multiple types of odds that you can check out but most of the time, there is only one dynamic that you have to know about. The dynamic between favourite and underdog is the biggest reason why people use odds because when there is a favourite, they will be more likely to win but they are safer bets which means lesser rewards. On the other side, underdogs are more profitable because they are the riskier bets.


Use the odds as a tool that can assist you

Odds should serve as a tool for you in the long run. It is important to know that when using these odds, you should always look into the context before you confirm your wager. However, don’t fully rely on it because of these reasons. 

  • Odds can surprisingly change due to injuries or trades.
  • Sometimes, the numbers will not consider previous matchups and individual brilliance from both teams. 
  • The eye-test should still be considered while you look at the odds to make your bets.

Find out the best KBO betting markets

As you look to bet on the KBO, you should know that there are set markets on almost every sportsbook for the baseball leagues. Here are some of the betting markets in the KBO and the basics behind them. 

  • Winner – This is the market that you will most likely be familiar with because you are simply predicting which team will win the match. This can be easy for some but even if it’s simple, it’s not the easiest bet to win. 
  • Handicap – This will be a standard winner market for the most part but there is a handicap on the favoured team. The market puts both teams on equal ground so that there won’t be a big gap between the two and the underdog has the chance to win the market despite losing to the favourite. 
  • Total markets – There are multiple total markets when it comes to baseball and the KBO. For the standard total market, there will be a range of points scored that people will see and they will bet whether the final combined total of both teams will be over or under that range. There will also be team-specific totals and even inning-specific totals. As long as you understand the standards of total markets, you can be a winner. 
  • Home run markets – You can pick which player will hit a home run or even predict how many home runs can be scored in the match. This is the biggest moment of every baseball game and the home run markets will be scattered throughout any sportsbook, especially in the live markets. 
  • Outrights – There are also outright bets for baseball which include the winner of a league season. You can also predict which players will receive the season awards. The catch for these betting markets is that they have to be made a long time before the season starts. 

Do not miss out on betting on the KBO

Always remember that the KBO is one of the best leagues that you can bet on every Bitcoin gambling site that has sports betting. Do not forget that South Korea has a phenomenal presentation for sports and they love to showcase their best players every game. With 10 teams, you can expect that high-level competition will always be present. 


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