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Is StarCraft esports still worth betting on? 

StarCraft is still the top game in the real-time strategy genre. People enjoy watching StarCraft esports, but some are unaware of the game’s presence.

That is warranted, given the esports space has some widely-popular games like Dota 2, League of Legends, or Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. If you’re wondering if the StarCraft esports scene is still worth it to bet on, here are some of the biggest reasons you need to know. 

StarCraft’s gameplay

StarCraft’s gameplay is fast-paced. The main objective is to gradually develop a base with a strong defence, which can come from turret towers, walls, and many more. The second half of the primary goal is to generate units attacking your opponents. 

Micro-management is vital in StarCraft because players have to create the base and, at the same time, make a legion of units to beat out the enemy units. This is where the exciting gameplay comes in because both players are doing it to win the match. 

Display unmatched skill

StarCraft players are often tapped as the most skilled players in esports. This is due to the requirements to become an elite StarCraft player, as they need quick fingers and elite hand-eye coordination. Players will also need to be quick-witted as they need to make constant adjustments on the fly. 

Professional StarCraft players are amazing with their speed with keyboard inputs. They have quick fingers as they need to make constant inputs to keep up the pace of building their base and generating units. 

Aside from the fundamentals, pro players must devise useful strategies for their matches. They must find the right timing for their attacks, as they will have to outwit their rivals to win the game. 

Dynamic playstyles

StarCraft allows players to be diverse with their chosen playstyles, especially since they can pick different races. All those races have different play styles, making the game even more fun to play and watch. 

Professional players are the best example of this and while watching them, any fan will be mesmerised by how they play the game and the nuances they have to consider before making their quick decisions. 

The RTS genre’s amount of games has lessened 

During the early 2000s, there were tons of RTS games in the market, but through time, they have lessened. Warcraft and the Command and Conquer series were awesome alternatives to StarCraft, but they have been waiting to receive updates for a long time. StarCraft II is still here and has proven to be the best game in the genre a decade after its release. 

The amazing tournaments

StarCraft esports is filled with amazing tournaments. You can just take a look at the section for StarCraft on Twitch, you will see events taking place all the time. For its second iteration, StarCraft has a few events that were the highlight, including WCS 2017 Global Finals, which reached a prize pool of $700,000. StarCraft paved the way for the rest of the esports industry with all the tournaments it has held.

A calendar stacked with various SCII events

Here are a few of the biggest events in the StarCraft esports scene. 

  • ESL Open CUP
  • Dreamhack SC2 Masters
  • HomeStory Cup 
  • TeamLiquid StarLeague
  • World Team League

All of these events are still effective in how they promote StarCraft. If you are a regular viewer of SC tournaments, you will see amazing plays all the time and why people are still in love with StarCraft esports. 

Prize pools remain competitive

As the esports industry has grown, prize pools have skyrocketed to the million for the major esports. While StarCraft does not reach the same levels as Dota 2’s The International, the Blizzard title still has some competitive prize pools for its players. There are regular events with more than $100,000 prize pools, which will continue to convince talented StarCraft players to pursue esports careers. 


StarCraft has plenty of betting markets 

Making wagers on StarCraft makes the viewing experience much better because it puts stakes onto the match you’re watching. People can look into multiple betting markets if they want to earn some cash while watching their favourite esports game. Here are a few of the biggest markets. 

  • Winner – This is the most common betting market; you must predict which player will win the match. It will be a simple decision, but you will have to know the particular matchup, so you have a better idea for your wager.
    • Map and match winner is different because the former focuses on a single map while the latter is for the entire best-of-three or best-of-five series.
  • Match time – You can predict how long the match will take. The match times can vary, which makes it an interesting market to bet on.
  • Handicap – Sometimes, bettors want to turn the tables on the favourites, leading to the handicap market. This involves the favourite needing to beat a certain threshold to win the match properly and not just eking out a win by the skin of their teeth.
  • Correct map score – This is where bettors will have to predict how many maps will be plated in a single match. 

StarCraft’s top players

Throughout history, StarCraft has developed some fantastic professional esports players. They are a big reason fans are still passionate about StarCraft and watch every match they play. Since this esports game relies mainly on individual players, following them is much easier than team-based esports titles. 

Top stars continue to innovate in the game 

StarCraft II has been around for over a decade, but pro players have found a way to make the game better. They can always create innovative strategies on the fly, which is a big deal for the game, considering that it is rarely updated now. 

Players love making new builds based on the patch, but they can also veer away from the accepted playstyle to innovate and add their unique touch to the game. 

Here are a few of the best StarCraft II players worldwide who continue to make big waves in the esports scene. 

  • Joona ‘Serral’ Sotala
  • Lee ‘Life’ Seung-Hyun
  • Cho ‘Maru’ Seong-ju
  • Kim ‘Cure’ Doh-wook
  • Riccardo ‘Reynor’ Romiti
  • Lee ‘Rogue’ Byeong-yeol
  • Clément ‘Clem’ Desplanches

StarCraft’s legendary status

StarCraft is revered as the legendary RTS game that got the ball running for the esports industry. The esports industry was born through StarCraft, becoming a landmark event in the game’s history. Of course, there were games before StarCraft, but it was the genesis of the esports we know today.

StarCraft was the genesis of esports

Since people were big fans of StarCraft in its early days, it turned into a legitimate competition for most people. In South Korea, StarCraft was given the platform on live TV, which was a big deal back then because it was broadcast nationwide. 

The rest of the world took notice and StarCraft has remained an esports fixture ever since. The industry is booming nowadays, largely due to StarCraft’s impact from the day. It is also a trendsetter with how MOBA games have turned into the most popular genre in the industry, which all stemmed from StarCraft. The Aeon of Strife custom game started the MOBA genre and has taken off ever since. 

StarCraft’s passionate fan base

Since StarCraft has been around for a long time, it has accrued tons of fans over the years. This has led to a stellar turnout all the time for StarCraft fans because they are passionate about the game, every event, and update that happens. 

This esports scene has continued to grow through the years and has not stopped. It is the shining beacon of the RTS genre, and people are attached to it because it is the best example of its brilliance.

Fans drive interest in the esports scene 

With the fans’ passion, you can tell they affect the rest of the esports industry. They show their support for the game in various ways, leading to the esports world taking notice of StarCraft more and more. 

Since fans love to create content, people can see that StarCraft continues to be an exciting game and one of the best esports has to offer. StarCraft fans continue to craft new content out of their game or at least discuss it so the game won’t fade away.

Blizzard balances StarCraft well

As fans of StarCraft, you should expect a good experience with the game because Blizzard has balanced the game well. It works well with the passionate fan base because they are vocal with their support and disdain for certain mechanics. Blizzard has answered them properly with regular patches. 

StarCraft continues to be the top RTS game in the world, and the esports world has also held it in high regard. While they have not made regular updates, they still have a close eye on the game, so they can make incremental improvements when needed. If you are not watching StarCraft, you should get started now; you can bet if you want to. 

StarCraft is worth betting on

The esports industry continues to grow, and there are various games you can check out. However, StarCraft remains one of the most prolific titles out there. It is worth watching because of all of the reasons detailed above. It is also a fine recommendation for any esports bettor because StarCraft has various events you can bet on.

Do not miss out on StarCraft because of the gossip about it being a dying game. There are no plans for a StarCraft III just yet from Blizzard, but when they realise that their classic game remains strong, they might want to make another one, too, which will also be a top betting choice. 


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