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Top major League of Legends tournaments in 2022

The new season for League of Legends esports has begun with the spring split already halfway through. There is still a long way to go before the new year’s climax as all challengers are still working through the ranks in their respective regions. 

All renowned teams are putting up a great fight in their respective servers and some old favourites are expected to make a comeback. T1 from South Korea is currently dominating the ranks and all esports media are focused on their attempt to reclaim their glory. Evil Geniuses is setting a steadier pace but is still among the most impressive teams in North America. 

If you are into esports betting then you better start browsing markets now at Sportsbet. There are so many events you could watch and bet on to make the most of the new season. Here are all of the major tournaments you should consider for Bitcoin sports betting:

Regional majors

Every server has its own regional league where local teams compete to represent their home countries in the international majors. However, there hasn’t been a champion in any of them so they’re not featured in many bookmakers or news outlets. Sportsbet is mostly focused on four specific regional tournaments like the ones below. These are the breeding grounds of League of Legends’ best teams, making for the most interesting Bitcoin sports betting markets:

League of Legends Champions Korea – LCK

The LCK is the top league in South Korea featuring champion teams like T1 who have cleared the Spring Season with an undefeated 18-0 record. Damwon Gaming is also a notable powerhouse that Its top 6 teams then proceed to the Playoffs where the LCK Mid Season Invitational representative will be chosen. 

The LCK Summer split takes place after the Mid Season Invitational where the top 6 teams proceed to the playoffs. Summer Playoffs winner gets to participate in the 2022 League of Legends World Championship. The top 4 teams by Championship Points from both Spring and Summer splits compete in the LCK 2022 Regional Finals.

League of Legends European Championship – LEC

The LEC has a similar format to the LCK with two splits of the same season, Spring and Summer featuring 10 teams each. Both also have playoffs where the winner participates in the international league succeeding it. The main difference is that the European league encompasses all teams from different countries in the continent. 

Compared to other leagues, the LEC is more likely to introduce dark hoses rising against old favourites despite all odds. It succeeds the European Regional Leagues (ERL), a minor league for all hopeful independent teams aiming for a spot among the best in the region. Fnatic and G2 Esports remain some of their most consistent performers.

League of Legends Championship Series – LCS

The LCS is also a continent-wide major league for League of Legends encompassing the North American region. Unlike LEC, it is primarily filled with partnership-sponsored teams much like the LCK. Team Liquid, Evil Geniuses, and Cloud9 consistently reach the top but one of them fails to qualify for the World Championship. 

There are also two splits in the LCS per season for Spring and Summer but only the former has a playoff stage. The winner of which proceeds to the Mid Season Invitational to represent North America. Summer split, however, goes straight to the regional championship for the top 8 teams in the season. 

League of Legends Pro League – LPL

The LPL encompasses only teams from China and it is seen as the greatest rival to the LCK among regional tournaments. It also splits the season into Spring and Summer but there are up to 17 teams in each. The top 10 teams each compete in the playoffs where the winner participates in international events. LPL Championship is also a competition between the top 4 players in the season by Championship Points except for World Championship participants. 

The LPL is a mix of both LCK and LEC in terms of its assembly of participants. Their best participants are partnership-sponsored like Edward Gaming and Invictus Gaming are consistent representatives in international sports. However, there can also be dark horses rising to represent all of China from time to time. 

International leagues

The international tournaments are the top-tier esports events for League of Legends. Since their teams are dependent on the results of every regions’ playoffs, then Bitcoin sports betting for outright markets are usually closed until all participants are declared. Tip bookmakers like Sportsbet will feature in-play betting markets when schedules are set. Here’s what you need to know about them:

The Mid Season Invitational 2022 – MSI

The MSI tournament takes place throughout June in South Korea. It consists of 11 teams from all regions including the winners of the regional playoffs. The whole tournament is divided into three stages with the first separating every team into three groups. Each one completes a double round-robin tournament with the best of one matches then the top four of each group advance to the second stage. 

The second stage also uses a double round-robin format for all remaining participants with the best of one matches. The top four winners remaining proceed to stage 3, a single-elimination tournament with a best of five. 

2022 League of Legends World Championship – Worlds

The Worlds tournament is the conclusion to the season with the winner being crowned as the best of that year’s active roster. Its host is different every year but this time there are different hosts for every stage. There are five stages but the rules for each one aren’t disclosed yet. Play-in will take place in Mexico City, Mexico then the groups and quarterfinals will be in New York City, USA. The semifinals will be in Toronto, Canada but the Finals will have the teams return to the USA as it will take place in San Francisco. All of these events will be covered in Sportsbet for all Bitcoin sports betting players. Browse your options and place all the bets on markets you are confident in.

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