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Which MLB clubs are worth betting on?

Over the years, betting on the MLB has changed from time to time with the rise and fall of baseball contenders. Punters have to take time and research to see which team is going to be the best to wager on in the coming games, eating up time and effort from them.

With the World Series wrapped up last October 2021, fans are keen to see how the next season would turn out. There are a lot of hungry teams in the league who want to leave their mark in the season and beyond. The MLB is starting to be an intense league now more than ever, and it shows the growth over the years.

When it comes to Bitcoin sports betting, there are many sites that punters can choose from, such as Sportsbet. Betting in the league games and the playoffs has been a habit for a lot of punters. They always stay tuned to the latest updates to see how the league progresses.

The World Series stands as one of the toughest series in the world. Fans always expect the best in these games, which shows a growing standard in the MLB and a better look that it brings to their games with clubs showing off in their playoff push.

As the 2022 season heats up, most clubs are building up their roster with the hopes of getting a bigger run in their games. There are a few select clubs in the league that may have a chance to beat the odds in the season and beyond. Here are some of the MLB clubs that are worth betting on:

San Francisco Giants

The San Francisco Giants proved to be one of the best teams in the league and they even had a lot of hopes in the 2021 World Series. The club finished the season with a record of 107-55 – which is the best in the MLB at that time. Most fans expected them to make a title finish but they soon fell short when they were taken out by the Los Angeles Dodgers in the Division Series in just six games.

The Giants were almost a title winner over the past few years, and the team will be haunted by their short runs. It can be compared to the Golden State Warriors in the NBA – with both teams hailing from the same state. The Dubs finished with the best record in NBA history at 73-9 but fell short in winning the 2016 NBA Finals – which is the same case for the Giants.

There is so much pressure on the Giants to get a title win. It is likely that the team will pick up the pace where they left off in the past run, so it would be best to place bets on the Giants. Who knows, the team could well be on its way for a league title soon.

Los Angeles Dodgers

The LA Dodgers proved to be the best team in the National League West. The team trumped the Giants in the playoffs and avenged their losses in the regular season. The Dodgers finished with a 106-56 record and was just one game away from taking the top spot back then.

Taking down the Giants in the Division Series was a clear sign that the Dodgers still has a chance to beat the odds once more. After winning the 2020 World Series, they were much of a force en route to the 2021 edition, but losing to the Atlanta Braves means they would be hungry to get back in the World Series again.

The promise of a World Series title twice in three years would surely inspire them to prove their worth again. The Dodgers want to make the most of the time when their stars are in their prime years, who are also keen to prove their winning chances.

Atlanta Braves

The 2021 defending champs sure crushed all of the odds to show the rest of the world that they have what it takes to win in the league. The Braves made a lot of changes in their roster in the middle of the season and made a big rally in the next few months after that. The team finished with an 88-73 record to top off the National League East.

It was the team’s first title win, and a lot of fans praised them for their efforts in the games. Some even said that beating the Houston Astros in the World Series made it clear that they deserved every piece of it.

The Braves showed the world that they have what it takes to make history. They didn’t give up when it mattered the most, and now they can reap the rewards of winning a championship.  The team is aiming to go beyond winning once in the World Series.

After beating the Dodgers in the semis, it was clear that the Braves were the best pick to wager on. It turned out to be an exciting storyline in the season as they crushed the Astros with ease in the World Series.

Houston Astros

The Astros were so close to getting a chance at writing history in the World Series. The club was able to push for a final appearance and almost cleared their names from the sign-stealing scandal. Coach Dusty Baker was pleased with their results and getting this close to winning a World Series proves their success.

Houston closed out the season with a 96-67 record in the season, and they grind their way to get to the league final as well. It is easy to expect that the club will go for a second chance in the World Series, which makes them a top pick for those who wager on Bitcoin sports betting sites such as Sportsbet.

The 2022 season will be another run to remember, and this proves that there will be more intense games to look out for in the coming months. These teams will do all their best to get a chance at winning.

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