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What are the perks of becoming a VIP sports bettor?

Most online sportsbooks offer enticing VIP memberships with tons of exclusive perks that will improve the ordinary punter’s experience tenfold! If you’re a dedicated sports bettor who already happens to be a high roller, learn more about VIP sportsbook club memberships and benefit from something you already love doing.

When invited to join the VIP program, you’ll have access to various benefits and promotions that the average player can only hope to experience. These perks include personalised gifts, VIP managers, getaways, and invitations to special events.

You’re in for the royal treatment as you get exposed to several amazing benefits. This VIP membership package will vary depending on what the sportsbook offers. If you’re curious about the benefits of VIP membership, read on to learn more about the various benefits you can get and how you can become a member:

What is a sportsbook VIP program?

Sportsbooks offer VIP programs in exchange for their loyalty to the site and its services. In return, members will be showered with bonuses and perks that are exclusive to them. 

To entice potential high rollers to join their program, they will go above and beyond by offering generous rewards and promotions to their VIP punters. These can take the form of free bets, tournament entries, and tons more exclusive and significant rewards.

To make the program more engaging and rewarding, VIP programs at sportsbooks often feature multiple VIP tiers that offer more rewards as you climb the ladder. You can expect bigger and better rewards on the higher tiers of the membership.

With this, here are some notable perks you can enjoy from sportsbook VIP programs:

Limitless withdrawals and deposits

As a VIP member, you get the added perk of having no withdrawal and deposit limitations. Get the chance to wager on all the sports you want! An experienced sportsbook gambler will tell you this is a huge deal considering that regular players can only withdraw and deposit a certain amount each day. 

This will increase your opportunities to earn larger daily payouts and make it simpler for you to worry less about restrictions.

Boosted odds

Some sportsbooks offer punters boosted odds when they wager on certain betting markets. The site selects markets where they enhance the payouts on winning wagers. This will help the bettor have a better chance of winning big prizes. 

Sportsbooks have an in-built house edge. With an odds boost, some sportsbooks will forego this edge to favour the VIP punter during exclusive promotions. But before taking advantage of this perk, ensure you understand how to read odds. 

Invites to exclusive sports events around the world

Get ready to watch sports live in stadiums or arenas. Enjoy prestigious events, including the FIFA World Cup, the English Premier League, the NBA Finals, and more. Sportsbooks’ VIP program has amazing offers that take their selected VIPs on all paid-expense trips to sports tournaments worldwide.

It doesn’t stop there, as trips aren’t limited to sports events and tournaments. Enjoy weekend getaways and explore the beauty of different countries. You can get a luxury trip to a country you’ve never been to or dream of travelling to. From accommodation to itineraries, you can have a wonderful experience that is fit for royalty. 


VIP managers

Some online sportsbooks will offer VIP managers to make betting at the site hassle-free. These managers are well-equipped with sports betting knowledge and are capable of helping you with whatever problem you may have. You can contact them whenever you have inquiries or concerns and expect fast replies and solutions. 

These VIP managers are experts in the field, and many have experienced what it’s like to bet on sports. Their main responsibility as your manager is to devote their time to you and customise everything. 

These personal managers will go above and beyond to satisfy your casino needs and help tailor your experience to fit your preferences. Your manager will handle all the arrangements to ensure you have the best possible casino experience. 

Receive birthday promos and sportsbook freebies

When a VIP’s birthday comes around, some or even most sportsbooks give them something special. These include special bonuses, free spins, and much more. Some presents can be more expensive, depending on your tier level. You might occasionally be eligible to receive free bets, cash, or even tangible gifts like sportsbook merchandise and the like.

Access to exclusive games

Most sportsbooks also offer a casino section for bettors to enjoy gambling games. VIPs have the opportunity to try out new games before anyone else. A VIP membership can grant you early access to premium titles that are either only accessible to VIPs or have not yet been made available to the general public.

These games are catered for high roller wagers, fit to your liking. You can expect to see premium games from Evolution, Bombay Live and OneTouch, the leading casino game providers in the industry.

Exclusive offers and promotions 

You will receive many rewards, offers, and promotions as a sportsbook VIP player. Most of these promotions involve free spins, cashback, or cash prizes. These offers and promotions are exclusive to members only. Make sure to take advantage of these, especially when you are betting on your favourite sports teams, to increase your odds of winning bigger payouts. 

How do I become a VIP sportsbook punter?

Entrance to a VIP membership isn’t bought but is earned through consistency. Most sportsbooks will only make their VIP program available through exclusive invites. Bookmakers will always be on the lookout for potential VIPs. Here are the steps you can follow to become a VIP sportsbook punter:

Create an account

The first step in joining a VIP program is to create an account. Make sure you verify your account! You just have to input your details. 

Consistent betting

Now that you have an account, consistently betting on your favourite sports and casino games is key to becoming a VIP punter. Sportsbooks reward the regularity of your wagers by offering you an exclusive invite to their program. It is important to ensure that your bankroll can bet on various sports matches. It is not worth losing your entire bankroll. 

Play high-roller games

As mentioned before, most bookmakers have online casinos, so punters can enjoy them if they want to take a break from betting on sports matches. Sportsbooks put a high value on punters who play high-roller games. There is a higher risk when playing these titles but a high reward if your wagers succeed. Remember always to stake the amount you’re willing to risk; it doesn’t cost you a fortune. 

Participate in promotions and events

Sportsbooks, more often than not, will have various promotions and events for their players to enjoy and partake in. Participating is one of the best ways to get a better shot at getting the exclusive invite. Try to be as active as possible and follow the terms and conditions set by the sportsbook. 

Patiently wait for the invite

Once you’ve done the steps above, all you can do now is wait for the invitation from the sportsbook. Once the VIP program deems you worthy of an invite, the sportsbook will instantly notify you. Meanwhile, you can continue betting on sports and playing high roller games.

Tips to make the most out of your VIP membership

Take advantage of this promotion’s opportunities to maximise your betting funds and keep winning more. Here are some helpful tips on making the most out of your membership in the casino’s VIP program:

Always place your wagers on the most rewarding sports

Some sports offer many betting markets that can help you rack up huge winnings. You can enjoy this perk by diversifying your bets if you have limitless deposits and withdrawals. And if you get lucky, you can cash out as much as you want to. However, a friendly reminder, always bet responsibly and back up your wagers with proper knowledge of the sport.

Use the special gifts to make bets

One of the most common gifts a VIP can always get is free bets. Use them to your advantage by placing side bets on your favourite sports if you want to keep winning more. If you get unlucky with some of your bets, this can save your day and give you extra winnings. 


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