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Outstanding StarCraft players you should know

The esports scene continues to thrive as players showcase their best skills in their chosen video games. Thanks to esports, players from all over the world are exposed to a massive yet lucrative industry where promising talents compete for multi-million dollar prizes.

Many players exert their utmost efforts to qualify for these tournaments. Meanwhile, others just watch them pick up some techniques they can use. Many also engage in esports betting to place bets for their favourite teams and players. 

Among the many games that are featured in esports competitions is StarCraft, a science-fiction strategy game from Blizzard. This game introduces players to a galaxy wage war where three unique and powerful races happen. With the popularity of the game, a lot of players engage in StarCraft betting to root for their favourite players or teams. 

Scrolling through the online platform will show players a lot of online bookmakers like Sportsbet where players can bet for upcoming StarCraft matches. Knowing the odds is really helpful as it gives fans an idea of how much they can win from their bets. Another factor every bettor should be aware of is the star players. Here are some of the most outstanding StarCraft players you should know. 

Maru – Cho, Sung Choo (South Korea)

Maru is perhaps known as the best Terran and as one of the best StarCraft players in the world. His unique playing style made him win five Global StarCraft II League (GSL) titles to his name. He has already earned millions of dollars in his playing career. 

His most recent achievement is finishing 2nd in the 2021 GSL season 1 code S after Rogue defeated him.

Rogue – Lee, Byung Ryul (South Korea)

Rogue, also called ‘Sexy Boy’ by his fans, is a Zerg player who often wins his races in an old-fashioned Zerg way. He boasts of impressive and flawless skills as he creeps zooms all over the map. He is currently one of the biggest names in the StarCraft scene after taking the title from Maru in the just-concluded season. He now stands 2nd in the global rankings. 

Serral – Joona Sotala (Finland)

Aside from his good looks, Serral is also remarkable in the StarCraft scene. He is another Zerg player who proves that he is the best amongst all. Ranked as the best Zerg in the world, he has 2 GSL vs World titles to his name. 

TY – Jun, Tae Yang (South Korea)

TY is another Terran player who has an undeniably successful career. He went on to bag multiple titles since entering the professional scene at age 12. Currently, he is known as the 2nd best Terran. 

Trap – Cho, Sung Ho (South Korea)

Trap, also known as The Winged Commander, The Trap Card, or The Cute Villain, is a former teammate of Rogue and Maru. Unlike the two, he specializes in being a Protoss player. His records show several impressive standings in both major and minor tournaments. 

These are just some of the most popular StarCraft players whom you’ll encounter when you engage in StarCraft betting activities on sites like Sportsbet. Once you know more about them, we hope that you will be more attentive to their performances and how they dominate their games. 

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