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While the Premier League, La Liga and Bundesliga are the most prominent competitions in football, it cannot be denied that the K League 1 has also made waves in its popularity. Among many football leagues out there, the Korean top-flight has proven to be a top pick for a lot of bettors thanks to its hype in each game played.

Learning how to bet on the K League 1 is a great way to score winning wagers. It can help you have the best experience that you would want to get in placing a soccer bet.

How does the K League 1 work

The K League 1 is not that different from other football leagues in the world. It has a total of 12 teams and follows the promotion and relegation system. Founded in 1983 as the Korean Super League, the competition started out with a total of five clubs back then, and it has improved with more teams and better management of its games as a whole.

In January 2018, the league finally changed its official name to the K League 1 and has received a lot of attention in the region. It has inked TV partnership deals with the following: 

  • JTBC Golf & Sports
  • IB Sports
  • Sky Sports (South Korea)
  • Coupang Play
  • Next Level Sports

League structure 

The relegation system was included in the 2012 season, and they also follow the Scottish Premier League’s split system. Each club plays each other three times in the regular round while the top and bottom six teams are split into two groups to decide the final standings of the regular season. 

A number of clubs in the league are owned by major conglomerates known as chaebols. These teams have adopted local city names to integrate themselves more into the community. The rest of the clubs are owned by local governments and represent their respective cities as well.

Season format and schedule

The K League season begins in March and runs all the way to November each year, unlike other European leagues like the EPL (English Premier League) which starts in August. The number of games and clubs that play in a single season varies through the years. As of time of writing, a total of nine out of twelve teams have won at least one title, while all of them have made it to the second spot of the table and are placed as runners up.

The top three teams of the K League standings earn a chance at representing South Korea for the AFC Champions League. The winner of the Korean FA Cup also gains an automatic spot for the said competition, but if the winning team is not a member of the K League, then the fourth-placed team earns the entry spot instead.


Top betting markets you can use in K League 1

To make the most of your chances in betting on the K League, you should know the best options you have among many betting markets. Punters use these in various games as each of them works differently than usual.

Here are some of the betting markets that you can use to bet on the K League 1:

  • Winner bets – Winner bets are the simplest options you can try for betting on K League 1 matches since all you have to do to win in this wager is to pick the team that you think will come out on top with a victory in a given game or series.
  • Handicaps – Handicap bets are used to level the betting odds between two teams. The deal with the handicaps is that the favourites are deducted points to begin the game, while the underdogs are given a boost. The bet wins if the teams you bet on meet certain conditions.
  • Game totals – Game totals are a score-based bet and all you have to do on this one is to guess the total score of the two playing teams combined. This means you will need for the game to end and see if you make the right call.
  • Over/under – Over and under bets are another score based betting market. This is a good option to connect with the game totals since you have to predict if the score would go for a certain number and if it will go over or under that total.
  • Both teams to score – This is a ‘yes or no’ bet that has been very popular among football games. The goal in this market is to guess if both teams will score a goal or not. It does not matter how many goals a team can score, but the main concern here is if they will both score or not.
  • Prop bets – Prop bets are markets unique to football. These can be all about the specific scores that a player can come up with, the number of cards that will be shown in a game and so on.

Betting odds formats you should know at

For starters, all of the betting odds are expressed in various ways, but it is important to know that all of these point to the same idea of one team being set as favourites and another as the underdog.

Betting formats vary and you should know how to read them all to ensure that you can come up with the best winning. Here are the two betting formats you should know in any Bitcoin gambling site:

  • American – American odds are set with a plus and minus symbol. The favourites have a small value and the minus sign next to the odds. The underdogs, on the other hand, will have a plus sign on the side with bigger value on the odds.
  • Decimal – Decimal odds are seen as the most common betting odds in any betting site. These odds are usually easy to spot since they are expressed in significant figures with a decimal point. The favourites have a smaller value while the underdogs have a bigger number.

Top teams to bet on in the K League 1

All K League 1 teams have earned the chance to win in their runs for the league title over the years. This means you have a lot of betting options available in the playing teams since they are all playing at a competitive level. Most of these teams are known for their high level of play, which makes the league fun to watch as a whole.

These K League 1 teams have shaped their rosters in the past few years, and their success proved to be instrumental in showing the football world that South Korea has what it takes to deliver a high level of competition among many others in the world. 

Here are some of the teams you should bet on in the K League 1:

  • Jeonbuk Hyundai Motors – The Jeonbuk Hyundai Motors are the most dominant team in the K League. They won a total of nine championships and have ended up as runners up three times in all of their successful runs, making them the best club in the competition.
  • Seongnam FC – The Seongnam FC has proven to be a lead contender in the competition over the years, winning a total of three championship titles and almost getting three other chances as runners up. The last time they won a league title was back in the 2006 edition.
  • FC Seoul – FC Seoul is one of the most popular teams in the K League. The club has won six league titles and has finished as the second best team in the competition five times. The last time they won a title was back in the 2016 edition where they wrapped it up with a bang.
  • Pohang Steelers – The Steelers are known for their sheer dominance in the ‘90s, and they have done a great job in staying consistent over the years. The last time they won a title was in the 2013 season, which was their fifth and finished as runners-up four times
  • Suwon Samsung Bluewings – The Bluewings are known for their partnership deal with Samsung. The team rose to prominence in the 2000s and won championships in 2007 and 2013 as part of their five championships won. They have also finished as runners up four times.
  • Busan IPark – Busan IPark is known well for its dominance and rivalry with the Steelers in the ‘90s. The team won titles in 1984, 1987, 1991 and 1997. They also came up with a resurgence in 2014 and 2015 where they finished as runners up in the competition.

Enjoy top-notch betting on K League 1 games

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