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The most dominant teams of the 2022-23 Premier League season

The 2022-23 Premier League season has plenty of twists and turns to look out for. There has been a huge shift in power in the game as the big five of the league are no longer prominent as a whole. Many teams have grown into even more competitive sides of their own. This has made the EPL even more intense than ever, and there are also plenty of soccer bets that have led to bigger wins for punters while they watch the games unfold.

With more games to expect in the coming months, the best teams in the league are eager to cement their places and come up with a strong finish. This will all come down to how they are going to play out the next set of games that are on their schedule. Here are the most dominant teams of the 2022-23 Premier League season:


Arsenal has been on the prowl right from the start, and they did a great job to stay consistent up to this point. The North London squad stands at the top of the Premier League table with a total of 37 points coming off a 12-1-1 record. They stood out right off the bat and delivered crucial wins in their last 14 games, leading them to sit at the top.

Mikel Arteta’s effective strategies led to Arsenal’s growth. The former North London squad star created a whole new approach for the team. They are constantly changing formations rather than sticking to the accustomed 4-3-3 even in the middle of the game. 

The last five games

Arsenal won four of their last five games. They suffered a 1-1 draw to Southampton last October 23rd but they won the next three games in a row. This just shows how good they are when bouncing back from a few setbacks and coming up with a bigger response. Their last three wins against Nottingham Forest, Chelsea and Wolverhampton Wanderers all ended in clean sheets. 

What made them better this season

Aside from the formations and strategies by Arteta, Arsenal came up with bigger roster management so far. Adding various talents such as Gabriel Jesus has given them a big boost on both ends of the pitch. On top of that, the core itself has shown better chemistry as well, which just makes them a better well-rounded squad on the pitch.

Gabriel Martinelli and Bukayo Saka became a much bigger threat to the attack. Arsenal’s support unit composed of Martin Ødegaard and Granit Xhaka is also effective on the offensive end, while their defensive side remains composed with a strong goalkeeper in Aaron Ramsdale, which makes them even more of a fortified wall to break through.

Manchester City

Manchester City remains adamant in its huge campaign this season despite trailing Arsenal for the top spot. So far, the defending champs have held the same core and are making efficient strides in their games. A few blows have been a setback for the team, which has led to a 10-2-2 record for 32 points in the season, but not that far behind to start panicking.

Pep Guardiola’s boys are considered to be the best in the league, and yet they are still down by just a few points in the competition. City remains the top favourites to win as the champions, and fans can say that they are pressured by the expectations to come up with a three-peat in the EPL. This is a huge campaign that they need to win if they plan to make the most of it.

The last five games

Manchester City was pretty consistent in the last five games. After that stunning 1-0 loss to Liverpool, City won three games in a row before dropping points in a 2-1 loss to Brentford before the break. Defence needs to improve a lot if they plan to come up with a big win by the end of the season and get back to their place in the top spot.

Their four wins in a row were not all easy. They have allowed three goals in those games, with the only clean sheet they have being against Leicester City. Yellow and red cards are also starting to show up for the team, which means they need to keep on working on their temper and control their emotions.

What made them better this season

Manchester City made adjustments this season. Perhaps adding Erling Haaland was a huge promise that helped them boast a much bigger presence on the attack. Defence was already there for the team back in their winning seasons, and being well-balanced on both ends of the pitch makes them more dangerous to contend with. 

So far, City’s weaknesses are no longer present compared to their previous runs. The team has shown its worth in making quick work of the high lines and sticking to a dominant 4-3-3 formation at most. A better offensive group has been a big advantage for the defending champs over the years, which makes them a dominant team in the season.



Newcastle is one of the big teams that shockingly made it into the top five this season. After sitting in the lowly spots, the Magpies are making huge strides in their campaign with a big push to cement their place in the competition and earn entry to the Champions League by the end of the run.

As one of the surprise teams to make it to the top five, Newcastle is starting to make a strong pace heading into the second half of the season. Fans are pleased with the way they are playing right now, and it shows promise in how they will make history in this campaign. This is why they are now one of the rising picks for punters in Sportsbet.

The last five games

The Magpies are unbeaten in their last nine games. The only draw they had was a clean sheet against Crystal Palace and a 1-1 affair with Bournemouth followed by another clean sheet with Manchester United. On top of that, the team has continued their winning strides with high-level performances from their players such as Callum Wilson and Miguel Almirón. 

Their most recent 1-0 clean sheet win against Chelsea was a display of both defence and offence for the team. This is good proof that the team has improved a lot by holding Chelsea to just five shots with two on target. The passing lanes are also disrupted at a big level, showing how the Magpies are good at holding down the fort when it matters most.

What made them better this season

The Magpies have adopted a strong 4-3-3 formation in most of their games, and what makes them unique is that they don’t put their main offensive options in the front line. They did a great job covering all of their weaknesses and turning big chances into full swings of attacks, making it easy for the rest of the squad to score big goals.

Newcastle grew to be a defensive team this season. They are making some good calls on the defensive end with a lot of effective tackles and quick responses on the passing lanes. This has improved their winning chances well and made them formidable when it comes to disrupting attacks and turning defence into offence.

Tottenham Hotspur

Tottenham was mainly a contender to start off the season, but the club suffered a hit and has seen some ups and downs. The Spurs used to contend against Manchester City for the second spot before their slump, which has cost them tough games and fell down to the fourth spot with a 9-2-4 record for 29 points. 

Still, the club has maintained its dominance on the big stage, staying in the top five is no easy feat after all. Tottenham pushed for a better pace in their games, with Harry Kane now going in a duo with Son Heung-min on the offensive end. This allowed the Spurs to become more efficient on the defensive side and utilise their players at most.

The last five games 

The last five games were tough for the Spurs. They won two of them while losing the other three, which says more about their struggles as a squad that used to be playing at an elite level. Losing to both Newcastle and Manchester United proves how much more they need to work on the defence instead of focusing on the attack at all times.

The fact that they needed a hero in Rodrigo Bentancur to save them in their showdown with Leeds United and win it 4-3 proves that their offence isn’t as stable as most people think. Tottenham is pressured to come up with a much more stable offence rather than to keep on relying on late saves and their stars to do the job.

What made them better this season

Still, Tottenham remains a contender to look out for, and it is mainly their defensive core that has stepped up even though they had some tough losses. Utilising the likes of Ivan Perisic, Richarlison and Ben Davies on the attack has led to some promising results. This can be used to remove pressure on Kane and Son in most of their games.

On top of that, Hugo Lloris’ presence on the post means a lot to the team. The French keeper is known well for his impressive saving skills and huge defensive awareness. They will need to sustain a balance on both ends if they are going to come up with a strong finish in the competition as UCL qualifiers or even as the Premier League champs.

Manchester United 

Manchester United is expected to be one of the biggest teams in the competition until they let go of the fabled Cristiano Ronaldo. Now the club is back to its original plans and is making key changes that can hopefully turn their season around now more than ever when the second half begins soon.

Under Erik ten Hag, the Red Devils are still in the process of a new self-discovery phase that will give them a better look soon. However, United remains lucky enough to stay on the prowl and keep tabs on the sixth spot for the Europa League slot and try for a chance in the Champions League if possible.

The last five games

Just like Tottenham, the Red Devils are riding on an unsteady pace so far. The team won three while splitting the other two with a loss and a draw. With an 8-2-4 record, it is still early to say how United can turn its ship around, but fans are hoping for a better pace when they come back for the year-end games this season.

Their bounce-back game against Fulham was a display of their strong faith in their whole squad. Most people expected either Anthony Martial, Marcus Rashford, or Bruno Fernandes to score the ball, but they instead gave the ball to Christian Eriksen and Alejandro Gamacho for a goal. Trust is gonna be a huge factor and point of improvement for the club in the coming months.

What made them better this season

Parting ways with Ronaldo has taken out pressure for the team. Being with the best player in the world does not really mean being the best team at the same time. With the scorer out, United now has the option to stretch their squad and create better offensive opportunities for the rest of the team. This also allows them to come up with fluid rotations on the bench.

Defence has also improved more for the Red Devils. David de Gea’s presence on the post makes them a strong defensive unit. With Luke Shaw and Lisandro Martinez protecting the passing lanes, United has more ways to come up with better stops and force turnovers and create fast attacks with their front six.

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