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Here are the different basketball leagues to bet on

There is no denying that basketball is one of the top sports in the world. With the popularity of LeBron James and Stephen Curry, basketball has garnered so much attention from countries that don’t consider it as the most prominent sport. 

With that said, many leagues have sprung up to the scene including the National Basketball Association (NBA). While it is still the top league of the world, there are still other basketball leagues that deserve the spotlight. 

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National Basketball Association (NBA)

There’s no doubt that the NBA is the most famous basketball league in the world. It’s also widely regarded as the best basketball league of all time because their athletes are simply world class and are undisputed champions of the sport. 

When you have the likes of LeBron James and Kevin Durant playing for your league, you know that it’s worth every praise they get. Not only are the athletes incredibly gifted with physical prowess to impose their wills on the court, they are marketable as well.

Even a retired basketball star, Michael Jordan, is still earning millions of dollars from his shoe deal with Nike. There’s simply no competition when it comes to the NBA, and their crucial games during the postseason attract so many views from the most recognisable celebrities. 

The NBA has yet to disappoint when it comes to its most important games as each year, and every game is a must-watch from competition alone. This means that there is no shortage of betting that you can do as a punter. 

The reason why it’s the best place to put your wagers on is because NBA betting has been a staple for basketball betting. Regarded as the most competitive league, there is so much variety to be had for punters across the world.

FIBA EuroLeague 

While everyone is raving about the NBA, FIBA’s EuroLeague basketball has also garnered many fans when it comes to pure skill-based basketball.

The NBA has the best athletes to ever grace the courts, but EuroLeague basketball players have always been regarded as skillful to compensate for their inferior athleticism. 

While they are athletic compared to the average man, players like LeBron James and Giannis Antetokounmpo are still the benchmark of what a basketball player should look like. 

When NBA athletes use their sheer athleticism to score and defend, EuroLeague players use their shooting abilities and passing to dominate other teams. That is the reason why EuroLeague players are still signed by NBA teams for roles that would fit an ideal system with good coaching. 

For bettors, this is a great opportunity to see balance in the sportsbook as teams rely on coaching prowess more than anything. This means that not one team dominates the rest of the league unlike the previous years of the NBA where the Golden State warriors were clear-cut favourites to win the title each year. 

Instead, punters can enjoy a healthy balance of parity where nobody knows for sure who is going to win the title in the EuroLeague postseason. It makes for better theatrics and betting opportunities that lead to wins for punters. 

National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) Basketball 

The NCAA Basketball league is like a prelude to the NBA where up and coming college stars get scouted to play for the league. While it may sound like an inferior league to both the NBA and the EuroLeague, the games themselves are anything but amaetur. 

Out of all the leagues in the world, NCAA Basketball has proven to be the most arbitrary league on the planet. For starters, there are more upsets than real projected favourites to win the title. 

During the postseason that is often regarded as ‘March Madness’, teams go down the wire as baskets are traded between the two that makes for a thrilling ride till the final buzzer. 

Also, future NBA stars are seen all the time playing in the most exciting games at a college level like John Wall and Klay Thompson. With that, the basketball betting scene gets more dynamic with projecting who would make it out in the NBA as superstars. 

As years pass by, college basketball becomes more exciting because there are technological advances that help young athletes to get physically better. These technologies like cryo chambers and advanced medicine help potential players to get healthy with properly monitored diet and intuitive exercise machines. 

Unlike past college games in the 90s, college basketball is getting better as time passes. After seeing at least one game of the NCAA playoffs, you’ll know that it’s an exciting ride where you’ll never know the outcome of a single game until it’s all over.

Final say 

While there are other leagues to look out for when betting like the Chinese and other Asian leagues, these three remain on top because of their competitive natures. The NBA is well-known for its athletic stars while the EuroLeague is more skill-based with its approach to the game. 

The NCAA is a completely different league in that games are closer which makes for a thrilling betting experience like no other. All top three leagues are unique in their own rights which is perfect for all kinds of punters out there.

If you enjoy Bitcoin sports betting, then you should consider these leagues to start your betting endeavour and go to sites like Sportsbet to maximise your experience as a punter. Go forth and make the most out of your wagers as the leagues are gearing for the best games fans are ecstatic to watch! 

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