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What to expect in the CS:GO esports scene in 2023

The 2022 Counter-Strike Global Offensive esports circuit was one of the best years in the game’s history. After a slow 2020 and the first half of 2021, CSGO came back with a bang in 2022 with awesome events almost every month. 

You can take a look at the 2022 CSGO calendar and you will see many awesome events that stood out. These are just a few of the biggest tournaments that deserve to be mentioned: 

  • IEM Rio Major 2022 
  • PGL Major Antwerp 
  • IEM Masters Cologne 
  • BLAST Premier: World Final 

Those are fine examples of CSGO’s massive 2022 because there were tons of awesome moments and matches that boosted the esports circuit to another level. It even had a resurgence in the Sportsbet betting markets which is a good sign of people looking forward to the games. 

Betting can be tough sometimes but punters can rely on betting guides if they want to learn more about what is expected from an upcoming blockbuster year in 2023.

IEM events will continue to be massive

ESL and Intel Extreme Masters are fixtures in the esports circuit, especially in the CSGO world. They always hold some of the biggest events with this partnership between Valve and these entities. For 2023, everyone should be excited because of ESL’s reliability in organising events. They choose the best locations to hold events in and their coverage is top-tier and second to none against any other esports studios. 

Two IEM events are Majors

These two IEM tournaments in Katowice and Cologne are considered by Valve as Majors which are the biggest events in CSGO. They do not have the title of being known as the most prolific event because BLAST.tv Paris Major might be the top dog. 

However, IEM continues to be one of the most exciting circuits in the CSGO world. Both Katowice and Cologne have been vital to the rise of CSGO because events held there are usually the gold standard for the game. 

Valve made the right choice by picking the IEM events as Majors for this year because of the ESL’s consistency in running the top tournaments. Aside from the Majors, they still have the Fall Finals and IEM Dallas which will excite fans in attendance.

Consistently top events

The quality of ESL/IEM events cannot be ignored. They are not only the best example of CSGO events but they are the pinnacle of esports in general. Since the level of competition is extremely high, IEM events are always must-watch and they are considered the best ones to recommend to people outside of the CSGO space.

Usually, this is considered the biggest stage in CSGO and if a team can perform here, they will be contenders for others. Expect the IEM events in 2023 to be hugely important for the grand scale of CSGO esports. 

S1mple will still be the best player in the world

For the past few years, Oleksandr ‘s1mple’ Kostyliev has been the best CSGO player in the world. This has been a near-unanimous opinion with outliers citing Mathieu ‘ZywOo’ Herbaut or Nikola ‘NiKo’ Kovac as the true best players. However, results and stats have shown that s1mple deserves the nod because of how much he carries Natus Vincere to the grandest stage all the time. 

S1mple is the most well-rounded player due to his impact with the AWP but he can also use rifles when needed. He is also a solid option for strategies because he has experience with being an in-game leader that devises tactics for the team. S1mple is a good teammate that carries his team when needed but he also knows how to stay out of the spotlight and support his teammates when they’re in good form.

Na’Vi will still be a top team

Starting in 2021, Na’Vi started to become known as the best team in the world. In years past, they were always the uncrowned kings but they did not have enough talent to keep up with the best teams in the world. However, when they scooped up both Valerii ‘b1t’ Vakhovsky and Ilya ‘Perfecto’ Zalutskiy. 

S1mple has ample support, which has led to solid success for Na’Vi with a Major finally under their belt back in 2021. In 2022, they were always in the mix but they could not finish off their Major runs. However, 2023 will be another banner year for the black and gold as they want to showcase s1mple on the top level again and prove that he’s still the best player in the world. 

S1mple has the freedom to do what he wants

Across multiple events, s1mple is usually the player who stands out. He can AWP against anyone and he is free to do anything that he feels will positively affect the game in his favour. He has earned that distinction which will be exciting for 2023 when he gets to showcase his skill set yet again.

Can the Outsiders live up to their Major win?

The Outsiders only lost one match in their Champions Stage run in the IEM Rio Major en route to winning the event. They beat Heroic in the final which cemented them as the latest world champions in CSGO. However, some people are questioning whether or not they will return to the promised land in 2023. 

Some people have said that it was a fluke win because they did not get to meet teams like FaZe or Na’Vi. That is a legitimate point but people should realise that Outsiders deserved their win. They proved themselves as a team that can thrive in tough situations and their teamwork was top-notch. 

Proving the win was not a fluke

In 2023, Outsiders will have to prove themselves as the best team in the world. They already have solid experience with the Major win but some are still questioning their abilities. Outsiders have the chance to keep pushing on with the momentum they have built but it will be pretty tough considering that other teams will be looking to usurp them from their throne. 

They already have a good squad for the current style of CSGO with Dzhami ‘Jame’ Ali leading the way with his solid experience and the foundation he has built through the years and the rest of the team too.


Na’Vi and FaZe will be the top teams again

After winning their respective Majors, Na’Vi and FaZe are two sides that deserve the hype. They have solid experience in big-time tournaments. Since CSGO is filled with some of the best events, there are more opportunities to shine. Na’Vi and FaZe have the tools to do so because they are some of the best organisations in the esports industry and they are intent on winning trophies. 

Consistent top performers

With every year, Na’Vi and FaZe find ways to be successful in the CSGO esports circuit. Na’Vi kept winning non-Majors events. This was a big deal for CSGO because it proved that the circuit was improving with all of the awesome teams. Na’Vi last won their Major in 2021 while FaZe’s most successful period was in early 2022. 

Despite their lack of Major wins in the second half, they were still phenomenal as they were competitive in almost every event they played in and they still won trophies from tournaments outside of the Major. 

The best players in the world play for both teams

Na’Vi has s1mple who will carry them to victories all the time. He is supported by a strong cast of teammates which has led to solid success in the past. They already have the experience of working together at the top level, they just need to maximise s1mple’s talents and the others to carry their weight to reach the pinnacle of CSGO again. 

On the other hand, FaZe does not have the same mercurial star on their team but is strong in every area of CSGO. Robin ‘ropz’ Kool is the most explosive player on the team but he is a part of the overall machine. That is fantastic for their performance in 2023 because they are ready to cement themselves as the best team again with their well-rounded squad.

CSGO events will continue to be esports’ pinnacle

Now that the esports industry has reached the mainstream space, CSGO is often tapped as one of the best examples of top-tier competitive video games. The CSGO events are fun to watch because of all of the exciting matches but the production team from companies like ESL and BLAST have done a great job of showing that properly. 

CSGO still brings immense hype

Compared to any esports game, CSGO has cemented itself to be the most exciting game out there. CSGO can appeal to any viewer around the world because the model is pretty easy to follow. All the teams have to do is either eliminate the enemy team or focus on the objective of successfully planting the bomb for terrorists and defusing the bomb for counter-terrorists. 

You can get exciting moments in almost every CSGO match. That is not seen in most esports since they are tried and true which can be boring sometimes. CSGO is still the same game from years past but it has constantly adapted and stayed relevant throughout the years because of the legitimate excitement people feel about the game. 

CSGO esports coverage is the optimal experience

Companies like ESL and BLAST have done a great job of presenting the best of CSGO with every event. They also hire the best esports commentators to tell the story of what is happening in the game. These broadcasts involve some of the best matches but you can also listen to valuable insight from the casters.

CSGO is pretty easy to watch compared to other esports because of the simple gameplay model but also for the presentation. The visuals are pretty easy to understand when you’re watching the game while the casters provide context. That is a strong viewing experience which has been a priority for CSGO orgs for a long while.

Other teams that will look to compete for the top spot

Na’Vi, Outsiders, and FaZe will be the top contenders heading into the 2023 season but many more teams will look to beat them. Here are a few of the top teams that pose threats to the rest of the circuit. 

  • Heroic
  • Team Liquid
  • G2 Esports 
  • Astralis
  • Team Vitality
  • Fnatic

Among all of these teams, G2 has the highest upside to compete at the highest level. They came close to winning the Major back in 2021 against Na’Vi but they need to showcase their talent again in 2023. It will be one of the most exciting circuits to watch, especially since there can be multiple opportunities for teams to shine at the peak of their powers.

CSGO will arguably have the best year across the esports world

With all of the events and the exciting moments inbound, CSGO is set to have a gigantic year. Rest assured that this will be the best year across all esports because the phenomenal CSGO events are laid out already. 

Granted, other esports like League of Legends, Valorant, and Dota 2 might have bigger events but CSGO delivers constant quality and competitive events that fans always anticipate watching or betting on. With the plans now laid down for CSGO’s upcoming events, fans and bettors who want to bet their Sportsbet Bitcoin can look forward to a rewarding viewing experience.


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