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What will happen at the 2022 edition of Wimbledon?

Wimbledon is one of the biggest events in professional tennis every year. 2022 is shaping up to be a titanic event. New players are looking to cement themselves as contenders while the veteran stars want to retain their grip on success.

The 2021 Wimbledon event is more of the same for the men’s ATP Tour. Novak Djokovic won his 20th Grand Slam which was the record at the time. The Serbian is set to be one of the strongest players again in 2022 even if he missed out on the Australian Open which was won by Rafael Nadal. 

On the women’s WTA Tour, it was a similar case because Ashleigh Barty won Wimbledon 2021. Since she won the Australian Open in early 2022, she will be a favourite heading into the mid-year event in England. 

While they are the favourites in the bitcoin sports betting markets, you should expect other stars will pop up on the Sportsbet platform. Let’s look at some of the possibilities that can happen at Wimbledon.

Surprises will happen in both Tours

In the past year, there have been some surprises in almost every event. The US Open was probably the most surprising one because the WTA grand final was composed of two teenagers in Emma Raducanu and Leylah Fernandez. The former won the event and became one of the most promising stars in both Tours. She will be one to watch this year because she’s primed for more success.

On the men’s side, it will be challenging to bet against Nole. However, he has shown some cracks in his armour when he lost to Daniil Medvedev at the US Open grand final. The Russian is the one to watch in this event because he also just lost in the 2022 Aussie Open to Rafa. However, he held a huge lead over the Spaniard in the grand final just before Rafa’s historic comeback. 

While Emma and Daniil will be contenders this year, you can expect other names to pop up and turn into world-beaters. On the men’s side, you can expect someone like Jannik Sinner to step up and turn into a Slam contender for years to come. On the other side, a returning Bianca Andreescu will be a strong contender because she is still a top-tier player in her own right. 

It will be interesting how new players will pan out during their Tours but since Wimbledon is in the middle of the year, you can expect that players will be at their peak form when they come to England and play in the massive event.

Returning stars will look to prove themselves

There is an elephant in the room when it comes to the ATP Tour. Roger Federer is primed to have a big year after missing almost two years due to his injury. While he is in his 40s, you can expect him to step up especially since doubt has surrounded his status for a long time. He is primed for a strong return since he will retire soon and he wants to step away from the sport on a high point. 

On the WTA side, Naomi Osaka will be looking to redeem herself after a stretch of disappointing performances. She is one of the best players in the world but she has struggled for a long while now. If she can play at a high level, you can expect that she will contend with Barty for the top spot again. Bianca is another name that should be mentioned here since she’s been dealing with injuries for the past two years. If she can return to her top form, you can expect more success to follow suit.

This will have one of the most stacked fields in a long while

If their injury status permits it, you can expect Wimbledon 2022 to be one of the most competitive events in a long while. With most of the players staying healthy, you can expect them to perform at their peak level. The Big Three of Nole, Rafa, and Fed will be the ones to watch in the ATP Tour but you should also look at the likes of Daniil and Dominic Thiem who are looking to end the Big Three’s run at the top. 

It is one of the most interesting scenes to follow because the men’s Tour has been stacked with talent for a long time but a lot of people can see that there is so much potential from all of the players beyond the Big Three and cemented stars like Daniil, Thiem, and Stefanos Tsitsipas.

On the WTA side, you can expect a similar case. There have been stars who have broken through like Barty and Osaka but new stars are looking to cement themselves. 

Emma will be one to watch because she wants to prove herself at the top level again and convince people around the world that the US Open was not a fluke win. The likes of Bianca, Aryna Sabalenka, Iga Świątek, and many more are looking to lift themselves to the upper echelon of the WTA Tour.

Expect another exciting event

Wimbledon is always a highlight for the pro tennis scene but you should expect arguably the best event of the year. This will be an awesome mix of the old guard battling the new school of stars. The tennis world might have looked stale for a while to some people but 2022 is set to be a bigger year than ever. 

While most people will look at the other Slams like the French Open or the US Open as the number one event, Wimbledon has a special aura around it. England has long been a strong location for tennis and you should expect nothing less when watching Wimbledon. Tennis fans already know that the event will be filled with stars but watch them perform at their highest level. This is another strong year for tennis and Wimbledon will be the mid-year extravaganza that fans are expecting it to be when they partake in bitcoin sportsbetting on the Sportsbet platform.

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